One breathtaking masterpiece – “The picture of Dorian Gray” By Oscar Wilde

One breathtaking masterpiece - “The picture of Dorian Gray” By Oscar Wilde

“The picture of Dorian Gray”

Nowadays, it is common for all people, not only for teenagers, to classify classic literature as boring and out of life. In this case, I am sure that many people will refuse to read “The picture of Dorian Gray”, because they might think that the subject matters which the author has chosen to write about are already old- fashioned and out of date.

Oscar Wilde’s novel is one of the classics in the English literature and it also represents one of the aestheticism instances from the 19th century. The masterpiece named “The picture of Dorian Gray” is full of epigrams which make the understanding of the book challenging for some people.

Since the beginning of the book, the author points out the power of the artist, as he is convinced that nobody but the artist himself is allowed to have doubts or to criticise the final work of art. The statement from the preface, ”there is no such thing as a moral or an immoral book”, is the one that supports the author’s opinion, pointing out the fact that the artist’s judgement must never be doubt by people who didn’t have even the tiniest contribution to the process of creation. 
This novel deals with the themes of beauty, youth and sins, issues that are extremely relevant even in these days. It also shows the controversial theme of homosexuality, an attitude that was completely forbidden at that time in history.
"The Picture of Dorian Grey"
Through the masterpiece “The picture of Dorian Gray”, thanks to the amazing writer Oscar Wilde, we are able to see that, since forever, people have been living surrounded by sins that have an unquestionable effect on their lives.
This happens to the main character, Dorian Gray, who starts to discover his mad pleasures with the help of Lord Henry Wotton, who plays the role of the devil, the tempter, the seducer in this novel. He explores Dorian’s soul, profoundly changing his self-image and personality, as soon as he starts discovering the temptations of his life.
From my point of view, the most important part of Dorian’s life was the moment when he chose to be forever young and handsome, while the portrait Basil made for him will become old in his place. 
Influenced by Lord Henry, Dorian didn’t understand that getting old is a part of everyone’s lives and thought that his beauty is the most important thing in the world. That is why his sins and bad actions started to affect the portrait and he didn’t know why it becomes uglier and uglier. In the end, when he discovered that the picture was actually showing his soul, he wanted to get rid of it, but unfortunately destroying the portrai"The Picture of Dorian Grey"t meant his own death.
Moreover, the legendary novel “The picture of Dorian Gray” also shows some other parts of the Victorian period in England, besides the well-dressed and elegant people and their classy parties.
Oscar Wilde exposes in his novel the misogynistic attitude of men towards women and the interest that everybody showed in the social classes. However, at the moral level, this book can be a lesson to all of us, because it shows how easy people let themselves influenced and how far things can go if we don’t think for ourselves before acting in a way or another.
The book known as “The picture of Dorian Gray” represents not only a way of understanding the English society in the 19th century, but also a manner of discovering how our mind works when we are exposed to sins or bad influence.
I highly recommend Oscar Wilde’s novel, because it is easy to read, but a little bit harder to understand its mysterious hidden secrets, perfect for everyone who is looking for something powerful and life-changing.


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