Yes I know. I’m writing these things just to relieve myself. Each in his own way I guess. The point is that I have recently a breakup with my girlfriend and I have to admit that it’s a strange time. It’s a time when I honestly … I don’t know what to do. I don’t know how to react, honestly. That’s because no matter how hard you want to deny it, to look strong and careless … If you’ve ever been in a long-term relationship, you know it’s hard to make feelings disappear overnight. Maybe they’ll never go away. Because in a long-term relationship, that person you love played an important role in your day to day life, in your behavior and in your development as a person.

Now, as I said, I’m writing this to relieve myself. To get those thoughts that disturb me and which annoy me enormously out of my mind. Now I’m trying to think in retrospective of everything that was. And I am aware of the mistakes I made. And I know that part of the blame for the breakup is on me. I’d be a jerk to say that I had no blame. But I am ready to swear in front of anyone that I have tried my best to make it work, to make everything be good. That is what I’ve done in my first relationship and That is what I will do from now on. Because I know that if you want something to go well you have to put your soul in it and work on it. But a relationship means teamwork. I really tried. It’s just that … I tried as much as I could. There is nothing more I can do.

Some may judge me by saying that everything I say now is just gibberish  and that I haven’t really tried. Others will be on my side. The point is that a breakup hurts. And I realized that you don’t have to think that only you are to blame. Because if you broke up, it just wasn’t meant to be. Your characters, your ideals and dreams did not match.

I have been raised by women all my life. And an important lesson I learnt was about what love means to a woman. It means affection, it means help, to be there when she needs you, to protect her when she is afraid, to trust her and to see her as she is. Because I, as a man, have had these things in relationships. I had forgiveness when I was wrong, I had affection, I was listened to when I had something on my soul and I received advice when I was in a deadlock.

I know that a breakup hurts. It will always hurt. Sometimes it hurts just for a day, sometimes for a week, a month or even for years. But life goes on over a breakup. And sooner or later everything will be fine. And sooner or later you will find love again. You just have to know how to fix your mistakes, to continuously try to become better and to not think that only you are to blame for what happened. Because though … A relationship is teamwork.

And especially … It doesn’t matter if you are a woman or a man, you have to know that not everyone is the same. Not all men are the same and not all women are the same. We are all different. And somewhere you will surely find the one that is perfect for you.

And as a footnote, I would like to thank my friends and my family. Those who trust me, who support me. Those who help me get through all the hard times without which I would have not become the person I am now. A person I can say I am proud to have become.


Author: Cira Cristian

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