Breakup- 5 easy steps to go through it easier



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Either you like it or not, your fresh relationship will probably end up being just a lesson. As harsh as it may sound, a breakup can be one of the best things to ever happen.
At the moment you won’t be able to feel it, but I guarantee that time is your best pal in this trip. Time will fix it all!




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The main thing that you should consider is taking your mind off relationships or anything related to that matter for a short period of time, therefore letting the mind clean and calm itself down.

For that to happen I recommend doing something that you enjoy wholly. Devour an entire box of ice-cream, if that is your thing.

The second step that I would advise you if you were in this dire situation is listening to music. Try and find what songs you used to listen to that made you feel happy. Link the songs to certain feelings, it’s as easy as that.

Beware, stay away from any sadness-related song or anything in particular that has any sort of connection to the person who you had broken up with.

As hard and easily-predictable as it may sound, staying friends with your former special someone is one of the best things that could happen out of a situation as this. You both keep your integrity and respect for each other, and bonus: you can keep hanging out with them even after the breakup. Only if it were that easy.

Once those feelings set, they never really let go until you decide to let go to that person. If you can manage to stay friends with them I believe you won. The odds are rather low, but never 0.

Make up to your friends

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It’s usually the case that when someone starts dating, the rest of their friendships have to suffer, that is for sure. Why not make use of the free time that you now have after the breakup in order to start hanging out with them again, a win-win situation, if you will.

On one hand, you make up to them for the lack of dedication you put into your friendship with them, and the other hand you keep your mind busy from thinking about your breakup.

Finally, start dating again

When you feel that it is time, you could start dating again, but make sure that the wounds caused by the prior breakup are cured completely, because you not only risk relapsing into that bitter depression, but can also hurt other people on your way. Think twice before starting something serious with anyone, taking care not only of your feelings, but theirs too.

In conclusion, a breakup is not the ugliest thing in the world and I believe time alone has the power to fix the pain that it induces. Even without this article, I am positive that you will be just fine and get over anything you desire to. Give time for the wounds to heal and keep in mind that not only your feelings matter. Live not only for yourself, but for the one you want to love you.



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