Breaking down the science behind platonic love


Love is one of our blessings as humans, but also one of the suppressed feelings of a human. I am pretty sure that society has raised these standards and decided what is acceptable and what is not and unfortunately we give up on what we have over happiness. Sometimes, platonic love is what we need, but not what we want.


Actually, this is more about your soul rather than sex or physical attraction, or even sensuality. It’s the purest, the honest part of love. The one where you feel the most comfortable with that person, the one where you can be yourself. You know that it doesn’t matter where you are or with whom you are a relationship, you know that you and this person belong to each other at some levels. No matter where this life may lead you, you know that this person will always be in your heart and your will always feel something.

This kind of relationship involves a lot of understanding, peace, you understand each other on a total different level: emotionally. It doesn’t involve jealousy. You love them from distance, they are always in your heart no matter how hard life may get. You are connected by intelligence.


Because you can’t materialize it. You just feel it. You woke up one day and you can’t see a day without that person in your life. It’s not about sex, more about affection, but we should mention that there’s not a total lack of eroticism. There is something, there are feelings and needs. It’s more about making love, rather than sex. But in this case, sex would be something that makes the love impure. Rather than making love, the priority is to focus on the energy, on the understanding. You don’t sexualize anything, but you express yourself through affection. Both parties feel overwhelming gratitude, they turn a simple friendship into something deeper, into a bond which is much more stronger.


There’s no pressure, it’s easy, it’s comfortable,  you can be yourself, there’s such a deep connection and so much love. Platonic relationships are not like the usual ones, things come naturally, they are honest at another level, they take it more seriously. They feel comfortable and feel free to share everything. This is their safe place, where they can go anytime with no doubt. There’s no pressure over intimacy, you feel safe and it’s more easy this way, there’s more peace, because guess what, they respect your boundaries. Many challenging situations simply don’t happen because there a lack of romantic interest in these relationships.

The more trust, the closer they are. Being able to say anything you want, anything that bothers because you know it’s your person and he or she will understand you. They support, and this lead to happiness. They’d be there for you anytime.  In today’s society, it’s not something you find anywhere. Someone who doesn’t judge you and loves you for the real you, that’s kind of unique.


In the same time, you should be careful. It’s hard to have this kind of relationship nowadays. It’s hard to fin someone who’s not interesting in sexual things, who doesn’t limit or who doesn’t put boundaries, who doesn’t judge you. This love is powerful, it’s your safe place, so don’t ruin  their confidence. If you feel more, if you look at them differently, say it. Be sure  that this kind of love it’s right for you,  be sure you can handle the situation and you can control yourself.

It’s not about controlling yourself or limiting yourself to not take stupid decisions, but to be careful. To be careful and to know how the other person feels or thinks. Both of you should be on the same page. It requires commitment and honesty. Don’tr try to connect with a person at this level just because you may feel bored, we are talking about someone special, not your entertainment, not your toy. If your are not willing to invest in this kind of relationship, don’t come any closer to a platonic love, it won’t make you feel better if you lie to yourself.



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