Boredom: a two edged sword that can create and destroy

Boredom can create and destroy! We all experienced this. Being bored, sounds boring, right? Boredom can create and destroy! A lot of the time I find myself staring at some random object. Or I’m just lying in my bed, listening to random music, instead of doing something. Maybe some people will find the urge to tell me: “I wish I had the time to complain like you”. Or that I’m lazy, unproductive or entitled.“Why waste your time like that? Do something!” However, boredom is in fact exciting! Allow me to explain to you why being bored is fun and dangerous!

Boredom can be creative!

Sounds strange, right? How can a bored person be creative? Let me tell you! You’d be surprised to find out how many things were born out of boredom. This state is the perfect context for a creator. Restless people discover or invent all sorts of crazy stuff. Some of them are more useful than you’d expect. Countless songs, pieces of artwork and random things were created like this. For example, a Chinese cook invented fireworks over 2000 years ago. This guy made a concoction of charcoal, sulfur and saltpeter. And boom! Compressed in a bamboo tube, the mixture burned and exploded.
Even I have a great example. In February this year, after my last exam I went outside. Together with my roommate, we wanted to fool around in the snow. We went outside the dorm and looked around. After we went behind our dorm building we took a glance at the snow. Out of nowhere we started sculpting something in the snow. The result? A real-life size woman sculpted in an hour was created! Moreover, we loved the process and the outcome!
Boredom: a two edged sword that can create and destroy
The snow woman that me and my roommate sculpted

Just because you feel bored does not mean you are not productive!

How many times have you heard that if you are bored it means you are lazy? I, myself, have heard this s many times! It marked me. So, of course I started doing more. Studying, volunteering, working, I’ve been doing everything. Yet, I still felt bored. My motivation was almost non-existent.I didn’t have any free time, I worked on and on, however the boredom didn’t leave me alone. This boredom didn’t come as a spontaneous and creative feeling. The feeling of boredom and the lack of motivation to do anything was, in fact, a consequence. We became so used to overwork ourselves. Saying that you are busy and overwork became a stigma, a sign of productivity. In reality, this is not a sign of good or hard work, but of a burn out.
This feeling of boredom can both destroy and create. I know a lot of people that hate boredom and do not cultivate it. Of course, you don’t always have to create something when you are bored. Sometimes, taking a break and just existing is much needed. Even when you have all sorts of crazy and creative ideas, you have to be careful. A lot of experiments can be extremely dangerous. Keep this in mind.
The best way to cultivate your boredom is to start having a hobby! And, sometimes when you feel bored, ideas come. Maybe you are into cooking. Or you are into DIYs, painting, writing, or maybe even programming! For any hobby you might (or will) have, take chance of your moments of boredom. Try that new recipe. Write a different type of poem. Paint something you never tried before. Learn a new programming language. Do something that makes you happy and accept your boredom!


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