Books with the best plot twist that got people screaming


There is a truth universally acknowledged that a great book isn’t fully memorable without a plot twist that gets you screaming out loud. While it is usually mysteries or thrillers that have some big reveals that shatter everything you knew or thought you know about the world, a great plot twist can be found in almost every single genre.

Here I compiled a list with books that had such an amazing plot twist, that I am still thinking about them from time to time, the memory of the shock still lingering in my very soul.

Thrillers that have a stellar plot twist

1. Dangerous Girls by Abigail Haas

Plot twist

“Wouldn’t we all look guilty, if someone searched hard enough?”

Dangerous girls tells the gripping tale of the process of a teenage girl accused of murdering her best friend. How important is the truth in a world where the spectacle and entertainment of the media primes in the favor of truth?

This thriller is probably the most memorable I can think about. I read it a while ago, but I still find it so utterly shocking in my conscience. This plot twist wrecked my brain. In the best way. I am still thinking about it over so many years as one of the first books that got me into the thriller genre.


2. The woman in the window by A. J. Finn

Plot twist“You can hear someone’s secrets and their fears and their wants, but remember that these exist alongside other people’s secrets and fears, people living in the same room.”

The woman in the window is a lyrical thriller that follows the classical trope that we have all gone accustomed with ever since Gone Girl: A woman sees a murder happening, but she can’t find any witness that can testify what happened. While it IS the generic thriller premise, this book becomes its own master in a terrifying tale that will stay with you for a lifetime.

I did not want to read this book, BECAUSE it sounds like a lot other thrillers I have read. But it simply shook my life, and it still gives me shivers every single time I think about it.

Contemporaries with a ground-breaking plot twist

3. We were liars by E. Lockhart

Plot twist

“We are liars. We are beautiful and privileged. We are cracked and broken.”

This amazing book was marketed with a catch phrase that simply made everyone want to start it right away:

“Read it.
And if anyone asks you how it ends, just LIE.”- Goodreads blurb

We were liars is a very addictive, lyrical prose tale that will sweep you off your feet from the very first page and you won’t be able to breath properly until you have reached the end of it. It is a tale of friendship and love, as well as a story of forgiveness and family drama, and the ending is something you could never expect. I could read this book over and over again and still find something new and shocking revealed in the masterfully crafted quotes that I have so dearly read and re-read over the years. Talking about re-reading value, this book really deserves an award for it.

4. Winterwood by Shea Ernshaw

Plot twist

This book. THIS BOOK. It has all of my heart, now and forever.

“Because I am more darkness than girl. More winter shadow than August sunlight.”

Both a contemporary love story and a tale of magic and wonder, this wonderful whimsical piece of fiction had a stellar plot twist that simply shook my very heart. I am still not over all the chills it gave me. Sometimes there is wonder in love and sadness too, but a happy ending is always in sight for those who dare to believe in it.

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