Black Man Killed During Police Intervention on Monday

Black man killed

On Monday evening, a police intervention in Minnesota turned fatal for the suspect. A black person was killed due to racism yet again.

George Floyd was in his car when the police arrived, responding to a “report of a forgery in progress”. Matching the description they were given, Floyd was asked out of his car. The police declared, he posed certain problems to the officers by “phisically resisting”. An officer handcuffed and pinned him to the ground, kneeling on his neck. 

A passerby filmed a ten minutes long video that shows exactly how the officer holding him down ignored the man’s repeatedly saying he couldn’t breath and the witnesses asking him to take his knee off the man’s neck or to check his pulse. 

By the time the ambulance arrived, the 46 years old man had stopped moving and he was later declared dead at the hospital. 

The incident is not the only case of a black person being killed during a police intervention recently.

More than anything, it brings back a 2014 case from New York. Then, another unarmed black man by the name of Eric Garner was choked to death. He was being restrained by an officer for selling single cigarettes to passerby. This started protests all over the US, as well as the Black Lives Matter movement. The people involved hoped to raise awareness of the racism and physical abuse officers have repeatedly shown towards black citizens. 

Floyd’s own death led to a protest happening on Tuesday afternoon.

The four officers involved in Floyd’s death have been fired and an FBI investigation is underway; the investigation “will focus on whether the Minneapolis Police Department officers involved willfully deprived the individual of a right or privilege protected by the Constitution or laws of the United States”.

The Minneapolis Mayor stated that the incident was “wrong on every level”. “[…] this man should not have died,” he said, and also added, “To our Black community, to the family: I’m so sorry.”

While people know the US for such acts, it is not the only country filled with racists. Read more on this topic right here!

Image source: BBC


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