Black Desert Online: 5 reasons it’s awesome

black desert online

Black Desert Online is a fantasy Korean multiplayer online game that was developed and originally published in 2015. There was also a mobile version of Black Desert Online, titled quite intuitively Black Desert Mobile.  Perhaps some people remember the ads around that time, anticipating the release of this awesome game. They showed highly customizable characters being created and the game looked really good.

Unfortunately, I only had the means to join this community years later and didn’t expect much. However, it is one of my favourite games and here are 5 reasons why I think Black Desert Online is awesome:

Highly customizable characters

Perhaps this comes across as vain, but I really like being able to modify all sorts of details in a character that is essentially a part of my online persona.  Black Desert Online really allows for personal quirks to be added to a potential character and you can literally modify anything you want in the body or face.

On top of this, you can also dye your costumes as well, with costumes having different parts that can be separately dyed.  One thing the Black Desert Online team should do, though, is add more costumes!

Very open world

The map of the game is absolutely massive and you only get a horse to explore it in the beginning. It only helps the player realise the detail put into the environment and just how beautiful it all is. Of course, depending on the graphics, you might not see it in its full glory, but it’s still nice nonetheless.

A lot of activities to choose from

If you have enough patience, there’s no end to things you can do in Black Desert Online. From more or less basic PvP dynamic to a more PvE oriented one, you can choose to diverge from this path and do much more. Guild wars are quite complex and require good team work and good understanding of the classes that are used, for example.

Life skilling is a very intriguing part of Black Desert Online. There are so many options here it’s difficult to list them all – but what really fascinated me in the beginning was the ability to catch and tame horses. Honestly, that’s awesome.  And it’s really nice that you can have your own home to decorate as you deem fit (furniture that you can also craft by yourself).

Free-flowing combat

For many MMO’s it’s easy to pop in a macro and let your character do its thing without actually putting in effort to understand any given class’ skillset. And maybe you also get the added bonus of locking onto the enemy.

That isn’t the case in Black Desert Online.  You need to learn skill combinations and you have to be mindful of your surroundings – you don’t lock onto an enemy and you need to be precise in your attacks, especially when dealing with bosses.

Events and helpful activities for newbies

Events seem to be happening consistently in Black Desert Online and that is great – it gives the player a sense of being rewarded for playing continuously. Your progress in this game is slow, but steady and, in my opinion, rewarding.

Quests and servers dedicated to newbies or returning players are always welcome – this helps people that may be completely out of the loop and they get to baseline power level that is required for progress.


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