Black Clover: 3 fascinating reasons to watch it

Black Clover anime series

Black Clover, the anime series based on the manga series by author Yūki Tabata, is probably one of the most underrated shonens out there. It began airing in 2017 and, since then, it has gathered a loyal fanbase. So what is it that makes Black Clover such a compelling anime series?

  1. The protagonist is very relatable

Asta is born in a fantasy world where everyone can manipulate magic. Everyone but him. Despite his best endeavours, Asta isn’t able to conjure any spell. But he never frets. On the contrary, Asta starts training both his body and mind since childhood. A crazy ambition and the will to move mountains turn him from a cripple into a Magic Knight and, later on, into a likely candidate for the esteemed position of Magic King.

The chosen one narrative is out of the picture, as Asta is anything but special. As he often points it out himself, his magic power never gives up. That is what makes Asta so fun to watch. He defeats all odds through sheer determination, motivating us to face up to challenges belonging to our own world in the process.

  1. The author focuses on secondary-characters’ development as well

What drew me to this series was that the viewer is introduced to the story early on, he gets to know each character before diving into the action. As the plot progresses, secondary characters grow alongside the protagonist, each being given their own moment to shine and reveal to us their past and true nature. Asta’s friends and fellow magic knights squad members play a huge part in finding a resolution to arcs and pushing the story further. It never feels like Asta steals their thunder. This is precisely why the plot feels more genuine, the writing is so good, it doesn’t torpedo any of the characters’ development. And boy, oh boy, is there a lot of character development!

  1. “Black Clover” is the most original anime series I have ever watched

Tabata’s world-building skills are a dream. He doesn’t go for any fantasy clichés and chooses to change the game instead. The action takes place in the Clover Kingdom, an enchanting realm squeezed in between three other magic kingdoms: The Heart Kingdom, The Clover Kingdom and The Spade Kingdom. These realms are inhabited by magic users, who can perform sorceries using their grimoires – powerful spell books that chose them once they turn fifteen. The most talented spell casters can try out their luck and join the Magic Knights, a brigade of elite magicians tasked with protecting the Clover Kingdom.

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