Bistrița: a small Romanian town with a rich history

Bistrița is known as the “Gate of Transylvania” is a city situated in the northern part of România. Although it is not a massive city, it is worth visiting if you ever have the chance. I was born in Bistrița and I am proud to live in such an amazing place. In this article, I’m gonna try to teach you a little more about this city. So shall we find out what Bistrița has to offer?

What can you visit in Bistrița?

There are a lot of impressive tourist attractions which you can visit in Bistrița. However, the most memorable one is The Evangelical Church. Located in the city center, the church is a place you should not miss. The church was built at the end of the 13th century by the Saxon community. The Evangelical Church was designed in a Gothic style and its tower measures 75 meters. 

One of the main attractions inside the church is the pipe organ that is hundreds of years old. The Evangelical Church’s tower was destroyed by two fires, one in 1857 and the most recent in 2008. Although currently, the church is under renovation tourists can still take the elevator and they can admire the town from the tower.

A legend about the tower of the Evangelical Church 

The Evangelical Church (
The Evangelical Church’s tower is the highest medieval tower in Romania. There is even an urban legend about the height of the tower of The Evangelical Church. According to this legend, the people of Sibiu wanted to build the tallest tower in Transylvania and they sent some craftsmen to measure the height of the tower in Bistrița. When the craftsmen arrived there, they were feasted, and in a moment of inattention, the people of Bistrița shortened the rope with which they measured the height of the tower. Thus, the tower in Bistrița remained the tallest in Romania. 

Andrei Mureșanu’s Memorial House 

Andrei Mureșanu was born in Bistrița and his house can be visited by tourists. The house was built at the beginning of the 19th century in the style of traditional Romanian houses. Since 1994 the building functions as a library. Therefore, if you enter this memorial house you’ll find yourself surrounded by all sorts of books. The building also houses a historical exhibition about the revolution of 1848 in which Andrei Mureșanu participated. 
Andrei Mureșanu’s Memorial House (

Besides these two attractions, Bistrița has to offer a lot more. For example, if you arrive in the city you should visit The Silversmith’s House, the historical center (where The Evangelical Church is located), and The Hooper’s Tower.  

What famous people were born in Bistrița?  

Bistrița is the home to some well-known people. For instance, Andrei Mureșanu was born here. If you haven’t heard of him before, he was a Romanian poet who wrote the National Romanian Anthem. Gabriela Szabo was born there as well. She is an important athlete. In 1999 she was named the best athlete in the world and the best sportswoman from Europe. Between 2014 and 2015 Gabriela Szabo was the Minister of Youth and Sports.

And here’s another fun fact about Bistrița. The symbol of the city is an ostrich with a horseshoe in its mouth.

An ostrich statue from Bistrița (

Bistrița is a city which could attract a lot of tourists. However, to achieve this, the local authorities should put more effort into promoting the city. It used to be one of the most important Saxon cities in Transylvania and it would be devastating if people don’t found out about its history. 

I hope that you found out more about my home town with this article and who knows maybe one day you’ll get to visit this magnificent place. 

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