22nd Birthday – a day celebrating the love for me or for others?


Birthdays may be a difficult subject. This day can be interesting and fun, but also energy-consuming. Growing up, we wait for your birthday to be seen, celebrated, and loved. But is there a reason to celebrate? And when does our birthday becomes less exciting? I can say that my excitement towards my birthday faded fast after my 18th birthday. Soon I will turn 22, but am I feeling 22?


Who are you celebrating with?

One thing that is depressing about one’s birthday is that we realize the people we lost. One of my major turning point in receiving my birthday was the first birthday after my mother had died. I felt that day was more about her and less about me. 

This is the period of each year when we realize the changes we went through, the events in just one year. And what if we had nobody to celebrate with? Growing up comes with losing friends and family members. Should I celebrate this day with myself?

I realized that I need to pause on that specific time of the day and reflect on what I really been wanting to do and always postpone it. For example, for my 22nd celebration, I went to see the Christmas lights from Bucharest and it was a lovely walk with a special person.


What should I celebrate exactly?

As I previously said, this day comes with a bigger picture of a specific year in our life. Of course, it is an appropriate moment to acknowledge the growth, the loss, and the changes but should I party? Should I treat it like any other day? One may have mixed feelings about my birthday.

Although people may not be happy about getting old, I find this day as being a good reason to aknowledge what I have been through and to celebrate every bad and good moment of my life. Eventually, every experience taught me something and I have to be more focused on the long term result.


Is it just a day or a long time?

Should the celebration last just one day or more? It is the process we went through, and it shouldn’t be concentrated in just one day. Every year, I imagine the frame I was born in. I was an unwanted child, and the story of my coming into this world is hard to accept. 

We should celebrate our existence until this very moment, not just the current day or the day we were born. This week, I am taking time to look back, celebrate the people in my life, make room for more valuable connections, and to prepare myself for another year in this body. 


On this day, I have realised that this period is about aknowledging people that had been in your life and how they had changed it. Doing this every year, I have became more aware of the contribuition of each friend and I could express my gratitude for each. It is helpful to mark the ending and the beginning of a new year of your life. As you celebrate New Year’s Eve, why shouldn’t you celebrate ending and beginning a new year of your specific life?

It may be hard to love the day you were born or even to acknowledge this day, but whether you are celebrating, it is a part of yourself, and it shouldn’t be restricted to just one day. Take your time. Take your love. This year I am writing a letter about the future birthdays, it is the best present I could offer to myself. What do you usually offer to yourself on this very special period?

Birthdays can be interesting and fun, but also energy-consuming. We wait for your birthday to be seen, celebrated, and loved.


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