Billie Eilish, harsh message for Trump: “Eat A D**k and Choke On It”


Billie Eilish sure knows how to use her platform and express her opinions! Just yesterday she posted a long and harsh message regarding the use of “All Lives Matter” and she didn’t hesitate to use her colorful language against the President.

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The celebrity was deeply affected by President Trump’s attitude towards George Floyd’s brutal and unfair death. Not only that she wrote the message for those who think that “All Lives Matter”, but she attacked Trump for his response to the situation, naming the riots “thugs” in one of his tweets.

In an Instagram Story, Billie Eilish captioned a screenshot of Trump’s tweet with the text: “Are you dead f***ing serious??? EAT A HUGE F***ING D**K AND CHOKE ON IT.”

Billie finally snapped and in her lengthy message, she said: “…no one is saying your life doesn’t matter…this is not about you.”

“If your friend gets a cut on their arm are you gonna wait to give all your friends a bandaid first because all arms matter? NO. You’re gonna help you friend because they are in pain because they are in need because they are bleeding.”

She also talked about white privilege and how important it is that we support those in need, instead of being self-centered.

“You are privileged whether you like it or not. Society gives you privilege just for being white. You can be poor, you can be struggling and still you skin colour is giving you more privilege.”

“If all lives matter why are black people killed just for being black? Why are immigrants persecuted?” 


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