Bill Gates premonition about the virus!

Bill Gates premonition
We have all heard about him. He is one of the richest people alive. We’re talking today about Bill Gates’s premonition at his TEDx speech kept 4 years ago.  Was it only a good intuition, or did he make an important prediction about Coronavirus, along with the Simpsons? Let’s see!

Next outbreak: War or Microbes?

Most countries have created armies to intimidate probable enemies and to be ready for any event. But almost no country has any prevention plan for an eventual new disease.
He reminded us about Ebola that caused 10.194 deaths in 428 days or worse, the Spanish Flu from 1918 with 33.365.533 deaths in 263 days. Using those facts, he underlined that we are not prepared at all for the next global disease. Look at us, how are we combating coronavirus?

The Biggest Problem

Countries are investing billions of dollars in troops, training, and nuclear weapons. Ready for war but not for the real enemy. He said: “We could have taken blood of survivors, processed it, and put that plasma back in people to protect them. WHO (World Health Organization) monitors epidemics but not to do those things. “Telling us that it is not as in the movies where some epidemiologists are ready to go and save the situation. But the reality is quite different.”

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When Ebola came out in West Africa, there wasn’t any system to prevent the virus. The information about it has been given too late and they weren’t ready at all to deal with it, so many people died.

The Coincidence

The Simpsons are known for predicting future events, and Bill Gates’s premonition told us 4 years earlier to get ready for a potential global infection with a micro-organism. In our 20’s, we deal with Covid-19, so has his advice been taken? Well, yes and no. Some countries are more responsible for the virus spreading than others, but most of all, the lack of citizen education about that kind of situation could be the first cause of spreading the lethal virus in the world.

In the end

Bill Gates and The Simpsons: predictors, speculators or coincidence makers? We can’t really get an answer about this. The most important thing now is to stay safe and to respect the rules made for this pandemic.
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