Friends: 5 Sincere Reasons Why Having Too Many of Them is Bad

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I believe that most of us have already internalized the foul idea that having a bunch of friends is a so-called ticket to being considered cool, but I believe that it’s not always the case.
This article will pursue the main reasons on why you should focus on quality rather than quantity, and will further try to make the reader understand the reasons why people still choose the wrong way, even when confronted and asked upon.

Friendship as a social-boost maneuver

Although it may at first seem like a winning strategy, a recent study shows that having more than enough company won’t bring out any health-related benefits, but rather a socially-related upgrade. People tend to see social ties as important aspects of each other’s life, thus making one want to be liked, and what better way to do that if not by being friends with someone that already has a lot of social value, which is not only ethically, but also morally diminishing.
One should seek reciprocity in any type of friendship, a win-win situation, if you will.
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The few real buddies you still have will count in the long run

A real friendship is defined by the reciprocal obligations and expectations that one expects from the other. This will never work with a wrongly-intended friendship, never.
One should rather focus on the quality of a limited number of friends, rather than the social boost received when having many of them.
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How the internet changed squads image and why some people find it hard to be in one

Some studies show that it’s not peoples’ fault, but rather the internet is the one to blame.
The internet made squads look and feel better than they actually are, because that was the whole point from the beginning, though people find it hard to tell the difference between real and fake company that you only carry along for popularity.
Therefore, we see a hard amount of people posting pictures only with larger groups, which in my opinion is a bad thing to do because there are certain people that find themselves in minority in respect to the number of friends they possess, and can create the foul impression that they are less of a person because of that matter.

Health-related medical issues related to being in squads

A study shows how detrimental a squad lifestyle can be for the ones that try to balance too many friendships.
The feeling of owing many people the same level of attention and affection can be exhausting, and can sometimes lead to mental problems such as depression.
In conclusion, splitting your time equally above a certain number of people can actually create a negative effect, in spite of the known positives of having a friend.
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Realizing that only a small number of friends will stay in the long-run

A small study shows how people over a certain age tend to involuntarily select a small circle of people that the person considers special and keep them until the very end of things. The group gets smaller and smaller with time, and eventually that person is left out with 2 or 3 people that chose to stay.
This reciprocity between their choices shows loyalty and successfully defines true friendship that cannot be affected by time anymore.


In conclusion, you do you. The diversity of the human race proved that one can not only have one choice, in spite of its outcome; let it be positive or negative.
In other words, even if the outcome of having multiple friends is, for the majority of people, a negative aspect when one becomes mature enough to realize it, some people just like having multiple people around them, favorizing a company based on a quantifiable aspect rather than focusing on the quality of the person besides them.


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