Best board games for two players


As COVID cases are on the rise and the temperature drops, many people are probably finding themselves spending more time at home. Couples might yet again find themselves spending lots of time together. Here are some ideas for the best board games that can be played by two players, perfect for a date night indoors. 


This is a quick, easy, but also fun game that is reminiscent of Scrabble but is not as restrictive and ends much faster. The name comes from the fact that the letter tiles come in a little yellow pouch shaped like a banana. A round can last anywhere from five minutes up to twenty minutes.

There are several ways of playing the game. Bu the classic rules are: you place the 144 tiles between the players, face down. This is your “bunch”. The tiles are then split evenly among the players, turned face up, and then it’s a race to see who can form a crossword with their tiles. The fastest player is the winner.

The beauty of this game is that it works well with two players, as well as with more. It’s fast, so there is no way you will get bored before finishing a round, and because of the little pouch, you can also take it with you in the future, when having family gatherings or going on holiday.


Here is a fun game that is also very pretty.

The rules are pretty straightforward. You start with some buttons to purchase fabric strips. Whoever manages to fill up the board with their patches or has the most buttons, wins.

This is a game that will bring together those interested in crafting as well as Tetris lovers. The game is pretty fast, one round taking around half an hour to complete. But do not let this fool you, as it does put your brain to work! It is also a game that you will want to play again and again to see what new patterns you can make, or what combination of patches will help you win.

And then we held hands

This is, in my opinion, the ultimate board game for couples. This is a game about a failing relationship. You and your partner have to cooperate in order to achieve emotional balance. There are obstacles to overcome on the way, such as fights.

Each player has two tokens, one that is used to move across the board, and one that keeps trach of the emotional balance. There is a deck of emotion cards that are colour coded. Each player has to pick six, and then make use of his token to land on the colour of his target card. When all cards are exhausted, both players should have emotional balance to win the game.

The catch of the game is that you cannot verbally communicate while playing. I think this rule makes the game so interesting, and also very suitable for a date night. You have to learn to be in tune with your partner’s moves and even thoughts.

Staying at home might not be ideal, but with the help of these board games for two players you can make it fun!


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