Being successful: 5 reasons why it’s never possible


My statement sounds pretty harsh. Am I implying you’ll never succeed in some of your goals? Absolutely not. Am I stating that true success cannot be achieved? Indeed, I am. Success can be perceived as many things. I shall present the reader my reasons of why people will never be successful.

“Success” does not have a clear definition

What comes into your mind when you think about being successful? Is it a future full of riches? A family that you always wanted to have? Or maybe fame? Love? Friendship? See, this word does not have a concrete definition. You’d say “well, yeah, but so does happiness and it can be achieved”. Indeed, that is true. However, happiness can be felt, but success? Not really. It’s not an emotion. Instead, it can be one of the roots of emotions. While the “branches” (or feelings) are not impossible to be felt and experiences, success is a really vague term. It’s as if you are trying to catch clouds.

If you always compare yourself, you are doomed

I’ve heard so many people talking about others’ accomplishments, their fame, money, happiness, describing them as “successful” people, yet always saying: If only I had those… Are you finding yourself doing something similar? Then hold on and listen. Comparing yourself to the outside world is not healthy at all. Not only does it becomes an obstacle in your way of trying to get “success”, but it also messes up with your emotional and mental health. Instead of looking around, comparing yourself to other people, look back. Compare yourself to your younger version. If you see improvements, then congrats! If you see flaws and problems with your present self, try to solve them. Seek feelings, not vague terms.

Times change, time changes you

There is no person who stuck with the exact same goal throughout their entire life. As we grow older the already fickle definition of being successful changes. Every single individual that I’ve met and I’ve known changed their goals at least once or twice. It’s normal. Maybe when someone is 18 they think success is all about money and then, they turn 25 and their goal changes to being happy, or having children, or conquering the world. After all humans are concrete, forever-changing creatures and chasing after a vague and static goal that cannot be truly experienced, is not possible, at all.

Overworking yourself towards your goals can be deadly

I’ve already talked about how extenuating your body for your goals or dreams can have grave consequences. Seeing how many people are sacrificing feelings and emotions, loved people and palpable joys for the vague success is depressing, honestly. I’m not saying that you should never work or try to improve. I’m talking about giving up everything that you already have for something that cannot be achieved. Whether that is your health, your loved ones, your hobbies or sanity, you have to have a limit, always. And no, breaking your limits is not always “inspiring”. It’s pushing your body and mind towards miserable and empty feelings. It can damage and hurt you and the people around you.

Your life does not depend being successful, so why should you depend on it?

You’ve read that right. Your life does not revolves around success and neither you. Being successful is not a concrete state, is not a true feeling and you cannot touch it. It’s something humans invented in order to control other humans. The old “rags to riches” story is extremely rare and just as the notion of success, was created to manipulate people into overworking, giving everything they have, for something so fickle.

Should you have at least one goal and one passion in life? Sure. But do they have to be connected to this definition of success. No, absolutely not. Instead of thinking of success, try to think of individual goals. Why melt and cluster them together to create an unstable concoction when you can enjoy and work individually on them?


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