Beijing: Employee doesn’t respect quarantine and is fired by Bayer

quarantine employee fired by Bayer

An employee from Beijing doesn’t respect quarantine and is fired by Bayer! A video appeared online showcasing a Chinese-Australian woman running outside in Beijing, not respecting quarantine rules and not wearing a mask despite her 14-day isolation period. Bayer China announced on Tuesday that they would immediately fire the Bayer employee working in Australia.

“The company has decided to fire that employee according to relative corporate rules, effective immediately,” stated Bayer China on social media.

The woman’s behavior was criticized by the Chinese netizens because the whole country is fighting to prevent new infections coming from abroad. In the clip, the woman seems irritated about being “bothered” by the community, yelling “Help, I’m being harassed” when the security official asked her why she was jogging outside without a mask.

The woman recently came to China and was immediately put in a 14-day designated quarantine site. These measures have been put in place due to the major risk of COVID-19 imported cases in the Chinese capital, Beijing.

Citizens are happy with Bayer’s decision because they say this will be an example to other foreigners to abide by local regulations and laws in this crucial time. The video has more than 300 million views on Weibo, China’s Twitter-like platform.

Link to video (Facebook):


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