Becoming a digital artist: 7 helpful rules

digital artist
Ever since I was a kid I loved drawing and coloring, but I never took it seriously until the age of 12. One day I said, “I want to become a digital artist and make people happy with my drawings”. And from that moment I never stopped drawing. Sadly, not many beginners manage to get past the first year because of many factors that discourage them. But here are some tips for beginner artists:

1. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes

Developing a skill takes a lot of time and in order to become better, you have to make mistakes and learn from them! Keep practicing until you get it right and don’t be afraid to use references. Many people think that “using references is cheating”, but that is completely wrong. Everyone needs those references to learn how to draw correctly.

2. Love your creations. Have fun

In order to become a good artist, you don’t need only years of practice, but you also need to love what you do. Never compare yourself with others because that will only make your self-esteem get worse. Some people can develop skills faster than others and that is absolutely fine. Art is not a competition. Never forget that everyone is unique and so is your work!

3. Find an art style that suits you

Developing an art style was never easy for anyone, but with patience, all the hard work will be paid off. If you have trouble with it, you can get inspiration from other artists and get a rough idea about what you want. Another common problem is that some people think that “art styles can be copied”, which is not true at all.
An art style, behind all those lines and colors, is something that describes the personality of the creator and no one can copy that.
digital artist
Besides the points I made earlier, here are some questions I get pretty often :

4. Do you need to take art classes in order to become an artist?

The answer is no. You can be a self-taught (digital) artist which is also more exciting because you can take it slow and create whatever drawings you want whenever you want. All you need to do is to learn the basics first, so it will be easier for you later!

5. Can you make a living job out of digital art?

I’d say it depends on your luck. Once you get better at drawing, you can start taking commissions. That can become pretty tiring at some point though, so don’t rely on that.

6. Can someone start drawing even if they’re older?

Of course, you can! This is another stereotype people like to use only to spread hate and discourage beginners. Some think that if you haven’t been drawing all your life or didn’t start doing it at a young age, you can’t do it when you get older.
These are the same people thinking that you have to be talented in order to become an artist. There’s no such thing as “talent”, only a skill that you can develop anytime with hard work!

7. Do you need expensive equipment to be a digital artist?

You don’t need anything fancy for that! All you need are skills and creativity, so don’t worry about spending too much on the equipment.
This article was written from my personal experience and I hope it will help you get a better start in the beautiful world of digital art.


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