Beauty outside the standards of the society


Society has always had different beauty standards, changing from one century to another – these standards have been applied especially to women, but men have certainly had their share too.

Perhaps one of the most evident signs of the evolution of the actual society is the fact that the concept of beauty begins to be more flexible – or does it?

The trap of the beauty standards

During Elizabethan times, beauty standrads were defined by blue eyes, clear skin and fair hair.

In the 90s, women with round waists and natural forms were considered to be beauty.

The mental perception of beauty is so volatile that it doesn’t stick to a certain idea for longer than, let’s say 10-20 years – therfore, trying to squeeze your aspect and personality in such repressive cultural spaces would be more than useless: it would actually be a crime against your personality!

Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder

A while ago I had this conversation with a friend – and I was surprised to hear that he believed that people can’t be impressed with someone else’s personality at first sight. I couldn’t disagree more!

I know for a fact that people that attract us the most are, in fact, those who have appealing personalities. The appearance is only highlighted by this inner energy – personality or character – and can turn a certain person into a person which attracts people who vibe in the same way – pretty much an idol!

Essence or appearance?

Besides everything mentioned previously – why would a person change for people she or he has never met? Society is, in fact, an abstract concept – indeed, sometimes very pressing – but it is not worth bending and breaking to fit into limitative social roles.

I want to believe – and I hope every modern person would approve of that – that we are heading towards a society that allows us to be who we are, without having to be either smart or beauty or choose a particular style to express ourselves.

The sky is the limit

When it comes to manifesting and expressing your personality, one can’t expect to be all the time supported by those around – though that would actually be the sign of a healthy society. Therefore, self-confidence and courage are a must for those who try to find their style.

Throughout centuries, people have been very much concerned with the image of true beauty and whether or not it could be linked to intelligence – I very much hope we don’t have such doubts anymore!

In a nutshell – be who you are, cause the world is facing a continuous change, therefore you don’t have to keep up with it! The only thing you have to keep up with is your inner rythm!



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