Be true to yourself!

Be true to yourselves

The covers with which we cover our pages full of stories are there just to create illusions. Just like a refined outfit creates a specific picture of a person. We know best. I would never want to seem what I’m not. This is precisely why I observe those around me better. So… why do you need to be true to yourselves?

Browsing the pages, we can understand the whole story. You can’t give an honest opinion when you skip through whole paragraphs. You will never fully know the story that is waiting for your finger to graze beneath each sentence, to be understood.

Why are opinions divided?

We form our impressions and opinions without opening the book. We judge it by its cover and what is written on its back. Those things that make people buy the book, which piques their interest. Why? Because there we find the spiciest topics from the story. Some will finish it, others will put it aside. One will love it, and the other will find it boring. They realize it’s not their cup of tea.

As in that book, things are not the same as they are told on the back of the cover.

Moments and experiences which make you change your perspective intervene.

But it is the same in everyday life. Gossip that we hear about a person is just what it appears on the surface. What’s inside may be much more different, more complete … more sensitive.

A book that was read and flipped through a million times will never be “new” again. Sometimes you can tear the page or pour some coffee on it while reading it. But the content will always stay the same. Although that stain may cover certain words or parts of the action, we must have the power to push the print back to the surface. To reveal what is actually hidden after the small mistakes that were made without any intention.

Therefore, what’s inside matters, not what’s on the surface! No story is perfect.

But what is in fact this “perfection”? How can you create it?

A quote that can inspire you is this one: “We are not born perfect: every day we develop our personality and our calling likewise, until we reach the highest point of our complete being.”

However, sometimes people will judge you no matter what you do. If you want to read more about the subject, take a look at this article!

As I said, some will set you aside, and others will adore you. Because the word “perfection” is relative. It has a value dependent on certain conditions. And the best advice I can give you is to place your covers on the shelf where your theme fits the best in. Maybe you are a novel or maybe a fairy tale, it is important for you to find your place somewhere where the stories resemble yours. To live in harmony and understanding. As for me: I would never want to seem what I’m not. Be true to yourselves!

Author: Moldovan Lorena

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