Backpain and 5 Tips to Help Avoid or Alleviate It


The Covid-19 Pandemic has left no small mark on our lives. Anyone not living under a rock must know by this point how severely our society has been ravaged by this virus, but, say, doesn’t your back hurt a little? It is important to ensure you don’t get infected, yes, but you should also watch out for backpains, one of the most annoying byproducts of this ordeal. Be it that you’re a teenager having to put up with online school or an adult working from home, both of whom have to spend hours upon hours sitting down at a desk, or just anyone else who’s had the misfortune of getting a sore back after a long day, here are 5 tips that will help keep your backpains from becoming a serious medical condition:

1. Fix Your Posture

We might not realize it but we tend to lean a bit forward for various reasons. Among others, you may have a bad eyesight, you are rather tall and the thing you’re looking at requires you to look downwards, both etc. If this goes on for too long you may develop a tiny hunchback. Of course, you’re not going to end up like the Hunchback of Notre-Dame, but it can lead to backpain if it gets to a point where you’re constantly slouching forward. It may be painful at first, but you must make a conscious effort to maintain a proper posture and soon enough you will notice that you’ve went from your old hunched forward figure to a nice, straight one.

2. Do Some Stretching

Doing exercises in general is a very good idea, but if all you’re worried about is your backpain then even some light stretching exercises will do. You may be busy and not have time for a Yoga class, but keep in mind that the internet is your friend and you’re one click away from numerous infographics and videos showcasing various training regimens, it’s just a matter of picking the one you think is right for you. Ideally, you’ll do 30 minutes to an hour of stretching at least once a day, be it in the morning or in the evening. The latter will help you get rid of any drowsiness and backpain plaguing you from the night before and prepare your body for the day to come, while the former will help you unwind after a hard day of work and guarantee you a night of restful sleep.


3. Watch Out for Your Sleeping Position

As long as you don’t have any backpain it doesn’t matter what kind of mess of limbs lies under your covers. However, if the situation is serious then remember that sleeping on your side with your knees pulled up slightly towards your chest will help relieve some of the stress on your spine. If you are particular about sleeping on your back, have a small pillow under your knees as well as under your lover back for extra support. Sleeping on your stomach is the least advised option, but if you must, put a pillow under your hips to help avoid backpain somewhat.


4. Lift Smart, Not Hard

It is a rather common mistake to lift with your back. Whenever there’s something you need to lift (or to just bend down for whatever reason), instead of bending at the waist bend your knees and squat, and then push yourself back up using your legs (and also, remember to keep the object close to your body if it’s on the heavier side, don’t try to juggle it just to impress the ladies). The main difference between lifting with your back and with your legs is that the former puts a lot of stress on your back, while the later only makes use of your legs’ musculature. Of course, if the object is really heavy you should ask for help, lifting with your legs (or any kind of lifting at all, really) in this situation can only lead to injury at worst and a hurt ego at best.


5. Swap Out Your Chair

The kind of chair you sit on during the day can be a reason for your backpain as well. Right off the bat, if you tend to sit down in less than perfect position, a classic chair or a stool are no good for you. What you need is a chair with a straight high back and/or low-back support. Office chairs are the perfect example of something you can sit on without risking backpain, in part because you can hardly sit in one without maintaining anything but a proper posture. If you want something comfortable, then you may be surprised to hear that gaming chairs are the epitome of comfort all the while ensuring you maintain a good position. You see, gamers tend to stay in once place for a long time during their gaming marathons, so chairs specifically made for these kind of situations are surprisingly practical.


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