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Hello! I am a 20-year old foreign languages student, who likes to write and to express herself through art. I study English and Russian at the University of Bucharest (I love the Russian language and culture). I also love music and psychology, therefore most of my articles are about that.

5 Russian expressions with a funny twist

With such a big country it comes as no surprise that Russian expressions are as funny as they make them.

Healthy and long hair: Several tips on how to maintain it

Longer hair is more challenging, but once you’re used to it, things go smooth sailing. So, with that in mind, I will give you some advice regarding maintaining healthy and long hair!

3 Interesting Music Genres And How They Affect Your Brain

Have you ever asked yourselves: how do these music genres affect my brain? Music can make us happy or sad and it can trigger memories.

University: 4 useful things I’ve learned in almost 3 years of studying

I’ve done 1 and a half year of university face to face and the other 1 and a half year online, so I’ve seen how both systems actually work.

Foreign languages: 5 simple tips on how to learn them efficiently

How can you learn a foreign language fast and efficiently without losing your mind? Well, like most questions, this one has an answer.

Russia and 5 breathtaking places you can travel to

Russia is very diverse: there are mountains, lakes, areas with cold weather, areas with warmer weather and so on.

Social media and 5 safe ways you can use it

With social media, it feels like the world is your oyster: you can post everything you want whenever you want!

5 Adult acne causes and their life-changing cure

I think everyone has had that thing called acne. It was there with you and it always made sure that it never left.

Education and why is it important? – January 24th

Education plays an important role in the way our society is and will be built and it shapes people, minds and mentalities. Without education, we are doomed. We are non-existent. We just... aren’t.

How beauty standards have changed over the years

Beauty standards have changed over the years. From Ancient Greece to the present day, people always strived to improve their looks.

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What does hell look like according to 3 major religions

We've all heard stories and tells about hell. But what do the major religions' sources tell us about it. And how do they describe it.

Edinburgh, Scotland, one of the best travel destinations

Aside from having one of the most beautiful sights, Edinburgh welcomes people from all around the world with kindness and invites them to start a new, healthy and pleasant lifestyle there.

Hotel Hell: 5 of the most interesting episodes

"Hotel Hell", starring Gordon Ramsay, is a reality TV show, which showcases transformations of struggling hotels. Here are 5 of the best episodes!