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japanese culture

Japanese culture through 4 great anime series

If you want to know more about Japanese culture, while enjoying some fun anime, don't hesitate to read this article.
lgbt webtoons

3 great LGBT Webtoons you should read

LGBT webtoons are an amazing way to find out more about LGBT issues and normalize more relationship dynamics.
cheap meal for students

Cheap meals for students: 3 recipes to try now

"Overnight oats have become a staple for me. It’s a very cheap meal for students, since it only requires oats, chia seeds, milk, yoghurt and a bit of honey."
Magical realism: discover it through 3 authors

Magical realism: discover it through 3 authors

Magical realism can be very tempting to read, but it can be equally as as hard to tackle. If you are looking to get lost in a magical, yet grounded world, check out these three authors in this article!
3 sites for free e-books

Free e-books: 3 websites where you can get them

Ever needed an e-book but didn't know where to get it? It's okay, I got you! Here's where you can get them for free! Now you can read as much as you like.

Dreamland is the best album about the pandemic

Dreamland by Glass Animals is a great album that tackles gender related issues, nostalgia and life as a performance in a groovy way.

Talent: 3 dishonest myths about it

Talent is something everyone discusses, but only superficially. In this article I am trying to add another perspective about it.
comfort food

4 comfort foods you should make

Comfort foods are something we all love. Want to discover your new favorite recipe?

5 interesting booktubers to watch

I love reading and I love watching YouTube. And nothing combines these two passions like booktubers do. This article has some pretty good recommendations.
genshin impact

Genshin Impact: 4 reasons to play it right now

Genshin Impact has become pretty popular in the gaming world. Want to know why people seem to never get enough of it? Read this article to find out!

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5 Amazing Houseplants for Certified Plant Murderers

5 Amazing Houseplants for Certified Plant Murderers

Growing an indoor garden doesn’t require anything more than enthusiasm, passion, and a little dedication.

Pomegranate: health benefits and 3 amazing recipes

Pomegranate is considered one of the healthiest fruits. Pomegranates contain a number of beneficial plant compounds, unmatched by other foods.

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