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Spain’s borders will remain closed this summer!

Shortly after giving children more freedom, Spain decided to close its borders over the summer, allowing nobody to enter or to leave the national territory.

When fear of a virus leads to racism, we know that something went wrong

Racism surged in China in response to a spike of Coronavirus cases that is reported to have come from foreigners. Black people of all descend were targeted, even apprehended by the police!

Spain to relax regulations for under 14 year-old children

Spain decided to relax regulations when it comes to children under 14 years old! They will be allowed to roam free outside for one hour per day between 9 AM and 9 PM.
Trump ban immigration

Trump to temporary ban immigration into the US due to Coronavirus

President of the United States Donald Trump claimed in a tweet late Monday that he will “ temporarily ban” immigration into the country.
COVID-19 started earlier

COVID-19 virus rumoured to have started earlier and not in Wuhan

The Coronavirus pandemic might have started earlier and not in Wuhan, found an ongoing Cambridge study. The virus might have started in September and originated in Southern China.
US surpassed Italy

US surpassed Italy in death toll, becomes the world’s highest!

The US has now surpassed Italy in Coronavirus deaths, making it the country with the highest death toll from COVID-19. More than 20,000 people passed away after getting infected with the virus.
people formed lines to vote

Australia closed its beaches as the coronavirus lockdown continues

Australia decided to close it beaches, since the population could not stay off of them. This will constitute as a great move in order to reduce the numbers of new COVID-19 cases.
New Zealand

How New Zealand managed to only have one coronavirus death

So far, New Zealand managed to record only one death and their number of new cases is declining day by day.
Keep cats indoors

Keep your cats indoors during this quarantine, specialists advise

Keep your cats indoors if you’re self-isolating or have already tested positive for the coronavirus, since they can carry the virus on their fur.
People formed lines to vote

Wisconsin people formed lines to vote, despite the COVID-19 pandemic

Even if the coronavirus threat is still ongoing and in full power, people in Wisconsin went to cast their ballots on Tuesday morning.

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