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Student of English and Swedish. Cat lover. Cocktail and tattoo enthusiast. I love art and fantasy novels and I occasionally write poetry.
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Fashion in summer 2022 – here’s what to add to your closet

Summer is fast approaching, and, just like every year, new fashion trends are emerging. It can be hard to know which of them will only be around for a couple of weeks and which of them are here to stay.

4 essentials for a good skincare routine

10+ step skincare routines have become more and more popular over the last few years, and while it’s great to take care of your...

Victoria’s Secret semi-annual sales: why they’re worth waiting for

We all know Victoria’s Secret – the world-famous bras and lingerie that are both gorgeous and incredibly high quality.
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4 easy ways of incorporating more vegetables into your diet

The reason most people don’t really eat that many vegetables is because they thing they taste bad – and that’s largely because they’re not cooking or seasoning them properly.

3 tips for making cooking easier if you’re a student

Cooking is a valuable life skill that everyone should have, but it can be hard for some to master it.

Returning to in-person classes? Here’s how not to get overwhelmed

After two years of the pandemic, during which time most of us had online classes, Coronavirus restrictions have begun to diminish.

3 ways in which you can improve your coffee drinking experience at home

Most people I know definitely enjoy having a good cup of coffee every once in a while.

The best tiramisu recipe you’ll ever try

Tiramisu is one of the most appreciated Italian desserts out there, and for a good reason: it’s a crowd-pleaser that’s relatively easy to make.
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4 coffee making options – which one is the best for you?

Almost everyone I know loves drinking coffee, but with so many options for preparing it out there, it can be hard to decide which of them is the right one
https://www.pov21.com/3-amazing-fantasy-book-series/ ‎

3 amazing fantasy book series that are worth reading

If you’re like me, chances are you grew up reading fantasy series like Harry Potter or Lord of The Rings. Fantasy books – and...

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The idea of daddy/mommy issues is quite recurrent in present-day society. It is one of the main issues Gen Z is struggling with. Even though this may seem new, Freud actually discussed it a long time ago.
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4 advantages and disadvantages of eating at restaurants

I've decided to make a list of the benefits of eating at restaurants, but also the drawbacks which made me choose home-cooked meals.

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Another top 7 manhwas with a villainess as the protagonist (2)

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5 Moth species more beautiful than butterflies

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