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Michael White, US navy veteran, on way home after 683 days of detention in...

After being sentenced to prison, Michael White returns home. Read everything about it, right here!

Trump Administration Argues That Adoption Agencies Should Be Able To Reject Gay Couples

Not the first time Trump's being homophobic but this time he crossed the line! Read everything about it, right here!

(VIDEO) Barack Obama: “I want you to know that you matter”

"I want you to know that your lives matter, that your dreams matter!". Complete video, right in this post!

Ralph Northman, Virginia’s governor, announced removal of Lee statue

The protests over George Floyd's death are causing damage all over America. Down below is everything you need to know!

Trump encourages governors to use aggressive tactics against protestors

Is this the first time Trump encourages violence? Of course not. Read everything about it, right here!
Elon Musk

Elon Musk threatened to sue over Alameda County Health Department!

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, threatened on Twitter to sue the Alameda County Health Department over coronavirus restrictions because they stopped the vehicle manufacturer from restarting its production.
Queen and Adam Lambert

Queen and Adam Lambert, a song for healthcare workers!

A tribute for health care workers from Queen and Adam Lambert! Wanna see the video?
Justine Trudeau

Justine Trudeau announces: Canada is banning assault-style weapons!

After the worst murder in Canada's history, Justine Trudeau, prime minister of Canada, announces that assault-style weapons will be banned...

Sweden deems its rules effective but the numbers say otherwise

How does Sweden deal with coronavirus next to its neighbors?

(VIDEO) Trump confirmed the first coronavirus death in the USA

(VIDEO) Donald Trump confirmed the first Coronavirus death in the United States of America. A person in Washington has died from being infected with...

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