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5 Love languages: How do you love?

We all love and experience love differently, but do you know what is your love language? We all need love in our specific way, and there are various ways and behaviors you feel loved.

Recipes: 4 tips on easy and fast meals anyone can cook!

Are you hungry? You just do not know what to cook (or order)? Here are some of my go-to recipes and pieces of advice that can help you! I am not a nutritionist, but I am a professional eater!

Humor: 3 efficient functions of it and why victimised people resort to it!

Have you ever laughed at something that you shouldn’t? It might have been a serious matter and something in the formulation or voice made it so funny that you burst out in laughter? Did you ever use humor to express a problem? Here is how it works!

Coffee: 3 ways to brew and the history behind the magic beverage

Hello, there, caffeine lovers! How do you like your coffee? Whether you like it dark, sweet, long, or short, I am sure you would find this article helpful. The reason is that we all want diversity in our caffeine life. There are 3 ways you can brew your favorite beverage from 3 places in the world! Which one do you pick?

A Student’s life: traveling is my way of survival and 6 nostalgic moments

A student's life before the pandemic was full of movement. the pandemic, students in Romania (and not only) used to travel weekly or once in a while back home for supplies. (Yes, we would have done our groceries to our parent’s house). I will list what I miss the most about the student phase of my life.

Procrastination and 4 facts you should know about it

Hello there, procrastinators all around the internet, what are you going to procrastinate today? We need to recognize that procrastination is a real throwback, but what is behind its science?

Graduating from college: the big next stage of one’s life

Changing some habitual and known lifestyle comes with a lot of anxiety. Knowing that your life should take a specific turn is frightening and there is a lot of social pressure. I am graduating from college, what should I do next?

Coincidence or not: 3 unusual experiences about life and death

Coincidences, do you believe in them? We all come across different unusual experiences and we have found various ways to put them into words: déjà vu, parallel universe experiences, premonition, you name it. In this article, I am going to describe my unusual experiences.
https://www.pov21.com/5-body-types-and-why-they-are-important/ ‎

5 body types and why they are important for your confidence

There are some society body standards that we can not ignore completely. Growing up, I always felt that a piece of clothing should fit in some way. Let’s find out what is your body type and what types of clothing suit you better.

Maternal instincts: 2 motherhood types without giving birth and the strong bond created

Being a mother does not especially mean being a woman or giving birth. Maternal instincts mean the bond between the mother and her child. But is it necessary to give birth to feel the special bond with a child?

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