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Hello there! I am Nedina and currently pursuing my master degree at the University of Bucharest. Besides my obsession with learning languages, I am a huge fan of Jane Austen, have a passion for writing, in love with autumn, have a serious addiction to tea and still waiting for my letter of acceptance from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Favorite quote: “Learning a foreign language is pointless, I’m not even allowed to talk to strangers” – Anonymous

3 Devastating dystopian novels to help you get through COVID

Given the fact that in this particular moment we kind of live in a dystopian society, I have been looking for solace in my favorite dystopian novels.

Adult braces – an absolute yes or a hard pass? 

Braces are mostly worn by teenagers, but, it’s not uncommon for people to wear them way past this age which is nothing to feel embarrassed about.

Total body workout for a nice sweat session and energy boost

For the most efficient slimming down/toning results, it’s important to engage all muscle groups. A total body workout will certainly do the trick.

Review: Sex Education-hilarious yet informative teen comedy 

Sex Education tells the story of the teenage sexual awakening, a topic that the show approaches it with such a wittiness and open-mindedness.

6 life lessons from the fascinating psychological show YOU

Are you having doubts about your partner? Let's hope they are not like Joe from the TV show You which taught me some valuable life lessons.

3 Hilarious YouTube channels to cheer you up on a blue day 

Are you feeling blue and are not in the mood for anything? Here are 3 YouTubers that bring a smile on my face whenever I am down in the dumps.

Beauty ideals: the Persian princess that shocked the world

Will we meet the exact same beauty ideals if we go back to the 19th century or will our jaws drop when we learn what people considered beautiful? 

Macedonian cuisine: the greatest Balkan food of all time

Welcome to southeastern Europe! If you are on a mission to explore some Balkan food, the Macedonian cuisine should definitely be on your list. 

Macedonia: The Balkan’s captivating travel destination

Check out this hidden treasure, concealed behind its mountain ranges. Macedonia should definitely be your next travel destination.

My 4 favorite cult movies – definitely worth a re-watch!

Looking for some new content for your upcoming sessions of binge-watching? Check out my favorite cult movies that will never go out of style.

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