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Kant's morality

Morality: Kant’s nr. 1 brilliant morality rule

Kant's philosophy had a great impact on humanity, but from all the things he wrote, his ethical perspective was what struck readers the most, therefore, his categorical imperative is the key to morality for some people.
camus, a captivating and insightful introduction you might need

Camus: a captivating and insightful introduction you might need

You might have already met Albert Camus on several occasions, such as seeing „The Plague” ( a novel published in 1947) becoming a best-seller in 2020 because of the obvious reasons or having heard of "The Myth of Sisyphus" or at least knowing he was really liked by ladies in his days.  Anyway, today I’ll make you regret not knowing more about him:
Justice: how Aristotle saw it

Justice: a meditative introduction to Aristotle’s philosophy

We all have a different opinion related to justice, but what did Aristotle think?
Freedom: how Mill saw it

Freedom: a minimalist introduction into John Stuart Mill’s philosophy

We live in a society that often takes our freedom and runs we it, we have rights not being respected, fake-news everywhere and we find ourselves not being sure of what we should do about it. Sure, informing ourselves from safe sources, but what about the morality of it? What about the morality behind our actions regarding others? Living in a democratic country where I can do pretty much anyything, where does my freedom stop?     John Stuart Mill would say that when the freedom of another individual starts.
Law: how Hayek saw it

Law: a rookie’s useful incursion into Hayek’s philosophy

   Friedrich Hayek was an austrian economist and philosopher who won the Nobel prize for economy in 1974. Hayek is notorious for his paper called „The Road to Serfdom”   in which he talks about the "rule of law". Read some things about him here:

Poetry – 3 sublime poems from Penguin Little Black Classics

    Poetry is widely known as something abstract that only really smart people can understand or find its meaning. But there is something about this poems that I think could stir something in anyone regardless of age, sex and education status. Enjoy!

Epicurus: 5 astonishing ideas you need to read about

Through his philosophy, Epicurus tried to keep people far from useless fears and superstitions and make known the fact that we can be happy just by being rational with our choices, which he considered a pretty easy thing. Therefore, he continues, only when our choices will give us peace, will we be able to understand the process of happiness in its true form.

Glow-up: 2 easy ways to do it long-term

 Investing is a weird concept when you apply it to yourself, but rather a really important one. You’d also think that you need money to become a better self, to become a really good-looking, intelligent person, but it all comes from your intentions. In this day and age, when we’re all either scrolling through Instagram or Tik-Tok or watching Youtube videos, the act of „glowing-up” has become more of a trend rather than an intention. This being said, I will try to give you some examples of what you can do to have a glow-up other than get your nails done, dye your hair or buy new clothes to fit your new, much-developed sense of style.
Kant's morality

Philosophy – 3 reasons to save your life by reading

     Philosophy has been around since ancient times…literally.  But as humans became more and more interested in pragmatic ways to live, philosophy lost...

Best student behaviour – 3 winning tips to ace school

      Do you want to become a better student? To ace your studies? Studying is something all of us have to do regardless...

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