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The First Known Death from a Cyber Attack Was Reported from Germany

A cyber attack on a hospital in the city of Düsseldorf in Germany delayed treatment for one woman and ultimately led to her death. 

The Doorway to Hell: A Massive Mystery Holes Suddenly Appeared in Russia

The massive mystery holes suddenly appeared again in Russia.

“Black Panther” star Chadwick Boseman dies of colon cancer at 43

Chadwick Boseman, the star of “Black Panther” dies on Friday. His death comes after a four-year battle with colon cancer, his rep confirmed to...

First Coronavirus reinfection case reported in Hong Kong

Scientists at the University of Hong Kong made a new discovery, and we might not like it. They had found the first evidence of...

Yemen Girl Allegedly Shot by Houthi Sniper While Fetching Water

A young Yemen girl was allegedly targeted by a Houthi sniper. This happened when she was fetching water for her family in the Yemeni...

Indonesian Volcano Mount Sinabung Erupts, Spewing Ash Miles High

Indonesian Volcano Mount Sinabung has erupted in a dramatic plume of ash rising several miles into the sky. The eruption has been posing health...
explosion Lebanon Beirut

Video: Large explosion rocks Lebanon’s Capital Beirut

A massive explosion shook Lebanon's capital, Beirut, on Tuesday. According to the reports, at least 25 people have died and hundreds more were injured...
Amber Heard Johnny Depp Like Grenades

Amber Heard: Johnny Depp Threw Bottles ‘Like Grenades’ At Me

Actor Johnny Depp has been accused by his ex-wife Amber Heard of throwing around 30 bottles at her “like grenades”.
coronavirus president Hassan Rouhani

25 million Iranians have been infected from the coronavirus, says President Hassan Rouhani

In a special statement, the Iranian president Hassan Rouhani said on Saturday (July 18) that 25 million Iranians have been infected with the coronavirus...

Coordinated Twitter Hack Hits Major US Twitter accounts

Coordinated Twitter Hack Hits Major US Twitter accounts. Let's see what's happening. The world’s most high-profile business leaders, influencers and politicians were affected by the attack,...

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