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17, into art, obsessed with plants, stones, and essential oils. Ana does tarot, will say what type of person you are by just looking into your eyes and sense the bad energies from miles away. She's got just the right amount of spirituality to make you learn your karmic lessons by heart;)

Understanding Gen Z language. The basics-II

Want to understand Gen Z better? Why not start by learning a bit of their language?

Understanding Gen Z language. The basics-I

While other generations use slang from time to time to spice things up, the Gen Z seem to have adopted it as their first language.

Earth-like planets/cosmic bodies. Do we have a back-up plan? (part 3)

Have you ever wondered what life would be like if we couldn't live on Earth anymore? Or if humankind would survive not living on Earth?

Earth-like planets/cosmic bodies. Do we have a back-up plan? (part 2)

What if we had no option but to leave Earth? Here you have a list of some Earth-like planets or cosmic bodies we know of:

How much do we have left on Earth? Do we have a back-up plan?...

I am no astronomy or physics expert but here's one cool thing to think about: How much do we have left on Earth? Will we survive its death?

Tips on how to feel energised without consuming caffeine

Coffee or energy drinks may make you feel like you are having the time of your life. But they are not as healthy as we wish they were. Are there any alternatives out there?

Reasons why I strongly refuse to drink coffee(or consume caffeine)

Coffee, while an extraordinary energiser, a metabolism fastener and a hand of help for your digestive system, can also harm your health.

The science behind growing long and strong hair (part 2)

Hoping it will help you on your journey, here's the science behind growing long and strong hair.

The science behind growing long and strong hair (part 1)

There is no such thing as repairing your hair, as it is dead tissue. What you can do, though, is help it grow healthily and prevent breakage.

Ordinary stones-accessible alternatives to precious stones (part 3)

I started this series to educate people on how not only precious or semi-precious stones have the power to influence you spiritually.

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