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positive parenting

Positive parenting is related to powerful masculine traits

A study found that positive parenting among fathers is related to traditional masculine traits such as adventurousness and competitiveness.
train your memory

Train your memory: 3 more efficient techniques

There are some efficient techniques to train your memory that require: focus on the information, repetition of concepts and association of ideas.
prepare a discourse

How to prepare a discourse: 5 great tips that make the difference

The methods you can use to prepare a discourse are essential: how you structure the discourse, how much you repeat and many more.
giving a speech

Giving a speech: 5 tips to feel more confident

Before giving a speech in front of an audience, prepare very well: find a topic that interests you and have a strong wish to share your own ideas.

Healthy fats: why you need them in your diet

Foods that are low in fats are usually the go-to meals for people who are trying to lose weight and eat healthy meals. 
multilingual people

Multilingual people: 3 studies that show why they learn a new language faster than...

Multilingual people have faster brain activation than bilingual people and they can learn a new language easier after they have trained their brain.
learning a new language

Learning a new language entails more intense brain activity

Studies have shown that learning a new language boosts the brain activity in the first months, while proficiency leads to decreased brain activity.

Uncertainty: 4 useful methods to live with it

Feeling anxious about the uncertainty of the present times? You can learn how to live with uncertainty thanks to these 4 useful methods.
impose your ideas

How to impose your ideas in 5 easy steps

If you want to impose your ideas but people won't listen to you, here are 5 steps that can help you sound more convincing.
improve your memory

Improve your memory: 9 excellent techniques

There are many techniques to improve your memory and enhance intelligence that can be performed on a regular basis.

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