Australia closed its beaches as the coronavirus lockdown continues

people formed lines to vote

Australia closed all of their beaches as the coronavirus lockdown continues over Easter. Families who hoped to spend the holidays on the sunny sands will not have any luck.

Between the beaches closed by Australia is also its most famous beach, Sydney’s Bondi, closed last month due to the locals that couldn’t stay away from it. And because of people roaming around, the area near the beach became a hotspot of coronavirus cases.

Beaches such as those across the Gold Coast in Queensland are also off-limits.

“For us to win this fight against Covid-19, we’re in it together, and if a minority of people are congregating and spreading it … in this case, health is the number-one priority,” said Tom Tate, mayor of the Gold Coast. Apart from this statement, he also wished people Happy Easter and warned them to stay indoors and off the beaches.

This new rule is a great move towards flattening the curve in coronavirus cases. Many backpackers or residents, used to going on the beach for daily activities, are staying inside. Thus, they reduce the risk of infection or spreading the virus.

Australia has now confirmed 6,203 cases of COVID-19 and 53 deaths, according to WHO.

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