Atheism: Top 5 assumptions


I think that we all have that “Doubting Thomas” in our group of friends. Or maybe we know such people. Why does unbelief have a pejorative meaning and is not well seen, even condemned? Why does atheism always comes with a set of prejudices? Because people are not able to value the life and existence of their peers. But in the end, people can exist without religion, but religion without people could never. Let me give you an example of sheeple mentality: love your neighbor… only if he is a Christian, ups.

First of all, we are people, regardless of religion, age or appearance.

I would like to mention that there is a huge difference… from heaven to earth… between religion, faith, and spirituality.

Religion forces you to stay within the boundaries of its pattern, without coming back to the above-mentioned sheeple mentality.
Faith is something more personal and profound, being only you and the divinity in person, disregarding those fanatics blind to the meaning of their religion. And the last, but not the least, spirituality. This is all you want it to be, an absolute freedom in which you find yourself.

As an atheist, have you ever wondered why people don’t agree with you? That is, if you are not with them, you are against them. I don’t understand how impartiality works in people’s view, I may have missed something. It’s too difficult to wage a constant war with several camps at once, which has also been demonstrated by Germany … twice. Morality doesn’t consist of the imposition of faith with force, because it doesn’t work that way. If you don’t feel well in the patterns of a social entity, be free to become independent. In a democracy, you are absolutely immune to the oppression of others.

Brethren, is it not often that you have been asked stupid questions about atheism? I know your “torment”, I understand you. I know what it’s like to receive dozens of questions like, “How did you become an atheist?” or “How is it to be an atheist?” In addition, there are also the stupidest misconceptions. So, here are the top 5 prejudices about atheism, which we are frequently subjected to:

1. Atheists are the people of Satan.

Well … no. Etymologically, it means without (the) god (theos), in Greek. So where do you go, how far are you from Satan? I will not be with you, either against you. Personally, Satanism is the opposite of Christianity. I mean … the cross turned, Hell – Lucifer’s house. It’s not like Hell was mentioned in the Bible for the first time. But every protagonist must have an antagonist too, because where would the fun be? So … I don’t want to go back to where I left, in another form.

2. You will not be saved.

A small question: how can I be saved after death if I do not believe in anything above life itself? Most likely, I’ll … die and that’s about it. Moreover, in class, we were told that “Heaven and Hell are a state of mind.” I do not want to think that he has demolished all Christianity with this phrase. If you kill someone, but you are reconciled with the idea, you reach Heaven. Simple, right? Coming back, if everything is nothing, how do you blossom after the storm?

3. There are no good atheists.

I don’t want to be bad, shattering the skies of your utopian hatred – your vital space. I just want to say that I have two active volunteers in the curriculum, two volunteer diplomas and two diplomas from training courses. Why do I have the wonderful number 222? Because I like to get involved, but not at those “Satanist music” concerts. I have them from theater festivals, music or children’s play days, because they value culture, above all else. Especially the children, whose wings must be supported, until they learn to “fly”.

To deepen the subject even more, I, for almost 3 years, have been a vegetarian, because any … divine creation has the right to life. I know what you’re thinking, clay face. I am absolutely aware that animals will still be sacrificed, but I cannot eat something so cute.

4. Why do you enter the church if you are an atheist?

Why do you carol pagan carols, heathens? It’s so wrong to think that atheists have nothing to do with churches. Let’s make light … and we gave it … forever! As far as I know, it is a public place where everyone is welcome. Many churches are fantastic because of the creativity behind the architects, painters, even sculptors. Just don’t go there to pray, but to admire it like any other human construction. And if it’s someone’s funeral, you’re probably not staying out.

5. Atheists just have to challenge.

What, you didn’t know? It means you haven’t used Wikipedia enough. Yes, this is found in the article on atheism, in the form: “Those who have to prove their point of view are theists because they are the ones who assert a fact as true, and not the atheists who only dispute their claims.”. What can we understand? All those who believe in a deity do not lie, and atheists can only contradict them. Was everything I tried to do in vain? In the end, in order for a challenge to be true, you must have arguments. Each person must support their own opinion as best as they can. The only way he can do that is to make arguments.

Everyone is born free, and no one can restrain his freedom of choice. If we were all the same, how could we talk about diversity? If a person chooses to become, and not to submit to “predestination”, it is strictly his problem. No one is able to judge the facts of the other, as long as he does not judge himself. Why waste your time criticizing someone when you can reflect on their own condition? The expression of opinion is fundamental. There are no wrong or correct opinions, only opinions. Atheism is a choice. Until people come to respect their near, it will be a long road…


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