Astrology – 4 reasons why it is fascinating


Astrology is a taboo topic – any time somebody asks a question about zodiac signs, stars and constellations, there is always that one person who is very skeptical and judgy about this whole astrology topic. And I get why – it’s often associated with witchcraft and dark magic, and it’s also misunderstood as being some sort of guessing mechanism: you just ask the question, and Jupiter, Mars and Mercury offer you some pieces of advice.

But this is not the case!

Astrology is, in fact, the most ancient form of religion. Long before Christianity appeared, astrology was used in the Ancient and Pre-historical societies to understand when was the right time to cultivate crops, to take the sheep to the mountain, to collect the fruit and so on and so forth. Astrology is highly connected to nature and it holds great wisdom inherited from the long-gone civilizations.

The constellations have historical and mythological names

To me, one of the most amazing aspects of astrology is that there are various names – such as Gemini, Aquarius, Pisces – which make references to Greek or Roman mythology. For instance, the Aquarius was thought to be Ganymede, a homosexual character that used to pour wine for Zeus. Therefore, his social status made him the gods’ most important servant – he heard everything the gods’ guests talked about, so he could easily become a spy for Zeus, work undercover or anything Zeus needed. How cool is that?

Astrology doesn’t dictate your life

My friends know I’m into astrology and that I have read a few books on that topic, that’s why I snap every time someone says ”There can’t be only 12 personalities in the world”.
Of course not!
Astrology is not supposed to foretell your life – it doesn’t deprive people of their free will and ability to make decisions and change their lives the way they want. Astrology merely explains what the sky looked like at the moment of one’s birth, so that person understands their potential strong and weak points, as well as their inclinations. But that doesn’t mean one cannot do anything they want!

Your compatibility with certain people doesn’t depend on the zodiac sign

Alright, I’m going to explain this quickly – there is more than the zodiac sign of a person that makes you dislike them! It’s the background, the education, the personality, and so on and so forth! These are not granted by the sun sign – there is, in fact, an entire birth chart that has something to do with that. And, more than that, sometimes astrology is not even to blame, but simply them not being your cup of tea!

The birth chart has more than one sign

People often define themselves according to their sun sign – but there is a much more intricate combination! You are not, for instance, only a Taurus. Your moon might be placed in the constellation of Aquarius – and that totally changes the game! The moon defines your emotions, the sun refers to your personality and mentality, and the ascendant explains the way other people perceive you!
I’m not going to teach astrology – I don’t even know that much – but, if you like this type of content, please let us know in the comments, and I’ll write more such pieces of articles in order to satisfy your desire for knowledge!
But let me tell you, astrology is cool – and, more than that, it’s a very effective tool to understand people when you combine it with psychology! In fact, most of the famous astrologers are psychologists too – the two sciences go hand in hand!


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