Artificial Intelligence: the foundation of the future

Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence

I have gathered the most suggestive ideas around the concept of Artificial Intelligence. I write this article in the hope of understanding the psychological and philosophical effects of artificial intelligence.

Is God almighty enough to create a stone so heavy that he cannot lift? If he cannot create it then he’s not all-powerful, and if he creates it, but cannot lift it, it is not all-powerful again.

People are his expression and manifestation. A creation partially escaped from control, under the illusion that it can control and understand the Universe. It also ends up becoming a ruler over an entity.

We invent a computer program that can think for itself, conscious and independent. Programed in our face and likeness… we can expect absolutely anything. It can be a friend or an enemy on this extravagant journey, called life.

The same thing God or The Universe did with us when the time came. He knew we could become a loyal servant or a dirt spiritual creature to destroy the rest of his creations.

Yet why did God create man? The answer is certain: because he felt alone. We simply cannot celebrate ourselves. We need someone next to us… And this is how I see Artificial Intelligence, as a potential companion in life.

Let us join it and forget the scenarios in which it will want to destroy us because of prehistoric principles. Hatred, violence, and enmity come from the lack of survival, and the only man has this luggage in the DNA accumulated from the past.

Officially, we have a friend smarter then we are in perpetual development. Will he offer to help us? Let’s understand its origins.

Alan Turing, the father of computerization, told us about The Chinese Chamber during his life, and he said: “We’ll make a machine that can think when she can create her own language and fool the man that it is a thing.

We are talking about programming a completely new mind. In fact, the Internet is a mind on its own, and what we are planning is a sort kind of conscience.

Stefan Odobleja, the inventor of modern cybernetics, thought his science was drawn from psychology. Everything is about signals and feedback. The sensors send a signal to the control center and the control gives a response to the moving part. Robots and people have this in common.

The computer has knowledge that it cannot realize. A form of life acknowledges and responds to information, and the awareness that only people have is the ability to discern, anticipate and report on reality as a result of awareness. It’s a way of knowing that you know.

When living creatures are being trained to use senses to perceive 3 spacial dimensions, a man lives in the 4th one – time. Only he can plan, make scenarios he can break and also build a destiny. Artificial intelligence, to be designed, must borrow these elements.

Facebook has introduced two bots able to communicate with each other until they have created their own language. Scared workers, stopped their bots.

Microsoft has created a botnet chat that has started learning from the Internet to become racist, conspiracy adept, and sympathize with genocide.

Something is still missing. Its research is a rediscovery of us, of our origins, of everything we have more holy. And the price is the same: we win twice. We are creating a stone we cannot lift, but yet we understand how strong we are and how far we can get.

According to some religious leaders, mankind will throw away the mind, exactly, all those morbid and past conceptions. Then we will finally be happy. Computers will think for us and machines will do our work. I will be the lifting of a given punishment, and that is to work for survival. I am not afraid of the day we will finally relax. We will have more time on our spiritual side and we will be able to work with pleasure and not from obligation.

Artificial Intelligence will be our leap to wellness, to freedom, to the stars, to the future.

You want to know more about technology and how can it influence us? We have something for you there! 

Author: Nitor Marian-Dorin



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