Art Safari and the surprising way in which art conquers Bucharest

Art Safari

I’m very passionate about art, which is why I was really excited to go Art Safari when I first heard about it a few years ago. Now, I know I’m not the only one who likes art, but I was still pleasantly surprised to discover how popular Art Safari actually is, having had more than 195.000 visitors over the years. Since the exhibition’s first edition 8 years ago, the number of visitors has consistently been growing, and art has begun to conquer Bucharest every year.


Art Safari is a temporary art museum that is open for about a week every year (the 16th-26th of September this year). Neither its location nor its exhibits are permanent, and the event has begun to be highly anticipated, now being advertised on Bucharest buses and in subways. This year, the organizers have also displayed a small exhibition in Bucharest’s Otopeni airport prior to the opening of the actual museum, which has been met with a lot of positive feedback.

Art Safari airport museum

Art Safari and diversity in art

One of the most enticing things about Art Safari is the way in which it incorporates very diverse types of art, balancing them out in a unique blend of classic and contemporary. Ranging from the 2019 exhibition showcasing some of Nicolae Tonitza’s most beloved paintings or this year’s “Samuel Mützner: Following in the footsteps of Claude Monnet” to the collections of contemporary art that are present every year, Art Safari offers something for everyone.


Night tours

In addition to the regular tickets you can get for Art Safari, you can also buy tickets for night tours, which take place between 10:00pm and 01:00am and include, besides guided tours, drinks and other types of live artistic performances. This year’s artistic performance will be live music performed by Toulouse Lautrec.


Art Safari Kids

Asides from being popular with adults, Art Safari is also a great place for kids to learn more about art and develop their creativity. The museum offers tours especially tailored to children, which also include interactive activities that enable children to explore their artistic potential and teach them to appreciate art.

Art Safari kids


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