2 Captivating Art Related Movies Worth Seeing (part 3)

2 Captivating Art Related Movies Worth Seeing
When it comes to art related movies, there are some amazing productions that have won the hearts of cinephiles over the years. If you are passionate about movies and you also like learning some insights about your favorite artist or about art history, these are some of the beautiful productions that I enjoyed watching and totally recommend.

Girl With a Pearl Earing (2003)

This movie is a really good cinematic production because it reproduces the calm atmosphere of the famous painting with the same title painted by Johannes Vermeer in 1665. The girl in the painting and Vermeer are wonderfully played by Scarlett Johansson and Colin Firth. It is not much known about the true identity of the painted girl, nor what she represented for Vermeer or what he felt about her, so the movie has to reconstruct a story and it does it very well.

2 Captivating Art Related Movies Worth Seeing
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The girl’s name is Griet and she has been sent by her bling father to work in the painter’s house, along with his wife, his children, his mother in law and the other house keepers. There are a lot of quiet scenes when Griet and Vermeer are mixing the paint together, some peaceful moments of art contemplation in his studio, but also a lot of unspoken frustration from his wife and built-up words of appreciation from Vermeer for the girl, that will never be expressed. We also have a love story here, but the usual one expected, but one between Griet and a young butcher apprentice, played by Cillian Murphy

Griet has a native intelligence and understanding of art that only Vermeer is capable to see, becoming the only person with whom he can share his passion for painting.

 Big eyes (2014)

This movie tells the intriguing true story of the painter Margaret Keane who allowed her husband Walter in the 1960s to take all the credits for her paintings. Suffering under the pression of the society back then that told women to stay home and please their husbands, Margaret becomes sure that she can’t sell her paintings and make money without Walter’s help. What is truly heartbreaking through out the movie is that for years she had to lie to the word, to her daughter and to herself, until it becomes too much, and she finally breaks into freedom.

2 Captivating Art Related Movies Worth Seeing
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What is fascinating about her art is that she paints children with huge eyes that evoke pure emotion, being much more interesting for the public than Walter’s Parisian street scenes.

Margaret is very meticulously played by Amy Adams and her husband, by Christoph Waltz, both becoming very passionate about their roles. This will transport you in the atmosphere of the 1960s bohemian San Francisco and this intriguing story of fraud, devotion and liberation.


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