Art is everything that surrounds us and everything around us is art. We consider it to be anything
that stimulates our emotions through the senses.

After a period while everything was in permanent evolution, nowadays we have many kinds of creative activities, some traditional such as music, dancing, literature, movies, painting or sculptures, and others that some people are still trying to understand, like graffiti or NFTs.

1. Art has no correct interpretation

When talking about any creative work, everybody seems to be trying to overstep their bounds, to think outside the box, since this is the only way to understand the creator’s vision.


There is never a single meaning and for sure no correct explanation, only shades or words or colors that are stirring up vague emotions. Any creative work forces us to look after its meaning through our memories and feelings, and that is the reason why people always find multiple interpretations, considering the fact that we all have kind of a different story behind us.

2. It connects people to their history and makes them stick together

Since the beginning of humanity, people
used to express themselves through art. They used creative activities to relate to the world around them, thinking that only like that their deepest feelings could be heard by the entire world.
Now we can all agree that our ancestors were right, considering the fact that thousands of years later, we are doing the exact same thing because we want to leave behind us something that will make future generations remember us.
Creation has always been a very important part of human lives since it was what preceded the first civilization in this world. From that ancient time, people started to create things that lasted until these days, like sculptures, drawings inside caves, or even working tools, things that are now considered amazing creations. They are kept out of danger, in museums, as they are the only ones that are still making us remember how people from the past used to live centuries ago.
Moreover, its form doesn’t matter, because whether we are talking about music, movies, dancing or painting, people will be interested in sharing the experience with others who have somehow the same passion. It doesn’t matter if it is about going to a concert, to the cinema or to a gallery, everybody is going to be there for the whole collective experience, for the other people, for the atmosphere and not for art in particular, because in our days we can be near it even from home.

3. It makes people smarter

It is sometimes considered that through creation people are only feeding their souls, but the truth is that their minds are also stimulated. With every piece we discover, we accumulate more information about the process of creation, the creator, and the cultural context, things that tuartrn us into smarter human beings.
On short notice, we will be capable of having conversations with other people who share the same interest, the fact that will help both parties by sharing knowledge with one another. In this way, people are becoming happier and more satisfied with themselves, because they are starting to find out that being passionate about art has benefits for them and for society as well.
Even though in some cases people don’t understand the creation, they should at least appreciate it, because all its forms represent the foundation of a society that shows respect to itself only when it respects its artists, no matter the category they belong to.


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