Argentina is the victim of uncontrollable fire!


Since the end of 2019, big fire outbreaks have sadly destroyed a big percentage of nature all around the world. The beginning of this year wasn’t the best for Australia which had a loss of more than 1.000 M of fauna and flora due to the unstoppable fires that lasted until May of the current year. Then in July 2020 The Amazonas in Brazil called also as the lungs of the Earth suffered devastating fires. A month ago Argentina was a victim of an uncontrollable fire in the center of the country, specifically in a province called Córdoba. From the South to the North the fire is destroying everything in front of it.

Argentina is the victim of uncontrollable fire!Argentina is the victim of uncontrollable fire!

Natural forest fires

Natural forest fires in this area are common due to its drought weather. This happens between 3 to 4 years. Nonetheless, this cannot explain the different fire outbreaks which occurred simultaneously in a short period of two weeks. Because of this current problem, more than 18.000 hectares burned. That cause the biggest fire in 12 years for Córdoba.

Argentina is the victim of uncontrollable fire!Argentina is the victim of uncontrollable fire!

The whole country is burning

Along Córdoba, other 10 provinces from the north and center of the country are under fire. Some of them are ChacoSantiago del EsteroFormosaEntre RiosSanta FeCorrientes, and so on. In Argentina, there are 24 provinces and half are burning right now. Due to this, nowadays Arg is in the 2nd place of forest fires in the World for the last 4 weeks. This is not a joke, indeed. This was posted by the NASA fire map showing all the fires going on around the world.

Argentina is the victim of uncontrollable fire!

Lack of social support

The government is doing absolutely nothing for nature, firefighters, locals and their houses. In fact, unskilled people from different towns of Córdoba are helping with buckets of water, hoses, or anything that put out the fire. The lack of social support, teaching about the environment and prevention, financial support and brigade members. Argentinians have heard nothing from our representatives and we need helpanimals need helpnature needs help.

Argentina is the victim of uncontrollable fire!Argentina is the victim of uncontrollable fire!

Reasons of forest fires

Humans have become such a dangerous living thing for the planet, everything revolving around money and power that only a few care about the environment. Nowadays no one willing to learn about how to save the earth, methods or even searching for statistics related to melting icebergs, extinct fauna and flora, climate changes, and global warming! Only caring about financial statistics, saving money for themselves they will do it and hide everything because their ego feels better than anything.

  • Stockbreeding
  • Agriculture
  • Real estate business
  • Natural

As I wrote before, natural forest fires happen between 3-4 years. The fires now going on in Córdoba are completely caused by real estate businesswhy? Because after burning every piece of land, those are taken to build private neighbourhoods in order to gain more and more money.

Argentina is the victim of uncontrollable fire! Argentina is the victim of uncontrollable fire!

In Argentina, the Forest Law has been a joke since 2007, there is no respect for nature and there are no guilties as well. And the only ones facing the consequences are the brave firefighters who are right now surrounded by fire. All of them are going voluntarily because in this country they have no salaries! In the middle of the 21st century the ones risking their life are not paid. They are only guided by their heart and courage.


This goes beyond political ideologies, this is all about the innocent animals, the magnificent nature and all the consequences that will affect locals. Now the social pressure lead to create a Wetland Law. Not to ban, but to regulate the activity of agriculture and stockbreeding, and of course protect nature!



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