Are you willing to destroy yourself for the sake of creativity?


In the current days, we deal with a lot of uncertainty and scary things. Besides the virus, we still face the same problems regarding our own development. We still have problems with the way we are perceived or with how can we express ourselves. But we know now how to put them in a way that is more gentle to us. Creativity, are you willing to destroy yourself for the sake of it?

Media and entertainment

The theme of destruction as a process of creativity is everywhere these days: we see our beloved heroes go through hell just to get the thing they scarce. Most of the time, their goal to get to fame and power never comes with self-satisfaction (don’t you dare). That’s because this tumult isn’t meant to bring something with no change. But back to the media.

We see in movies like Black Swan, Whiplash and so many more, how destruction and obsession have as a result the only thing the character wanted. The attempt to create something brings only misery in the whole process, but the final result matters.

Marketing works the same way

If you haven’t noticed, things are pretty bad. But as you may have seen in the ads, campaigns, and social media, everything is wrapped up just fine. Some of the ads are really ingenious and we could observe that they were very quick to develop.

That’s because all this chaos is the perfect environment for creativity to flourish. When the outside events and the new technology kick in, there is uncertainty. Therefore there is a need to establish control “manually” by coming up with brand new ideas.

By being flexible, and with the right amount of information, we can do wonders. This is how the ad campaigns knew (before the government) what needs did we have, what concerns, so they were showing us just what we wanted at the right time.

The best moment in which you can show yourself to the world is in tough times.


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