Are you tired of life? Take a seat


Do you know that moment when you feel awful, and you feel like you live in vain? Oh, I understand, we are on the same page, me, you, the one who laughs in front of the screen and the rest of the teenagers. We, all the depressive people, let’s get together for a moment. How would it be if we held hands together and started helping each other solve our problems? Are you tired of life? Take a seat, there’s enough space in the waiting room for everyone.

Disclaimer: In this article, I will express my opinion in a personal way. I’m inviting all of you to take your anger out in the comments, in case you don’t agree with my point of view.

We like cliches and we like to be overly dramatic… This article is a cliche as well, after all, right?

I observed, between other things, that young people don’t know how to live anymore. Socialization is horrible, problems keep coming and we drown in them. One in ten teenagers forgot how sunlight looks and feels like a bat on his way to highschool. Isn’t it outrageous? I don’t want to put in the spotlight the idea that teenagers choose suicide as a way of dealing with sadness and their problems. I just want to highlight the fact that we are capable since we are the only rational beings on this dying planet. Let’s try to think and find solutions to what makes us suffer.

Do you remember the last time you said: “It’s enough, I will change from now on”? Neither do I, high five!”

How many friendships did you lose because you haven’t changed? I’ll tell you, too many. And it’s not good. The majority of people have grown tired of your tantrums and of your negative attitude. But do you know what’s worse? That you too are tired of them. It’s time to take the attitude, but, if we are going to talk about attitude…

Where is your mistake? I’ll tell you now.

You don’t change because others want you to. You’re changing because that’s the best thing to do for yourself, your health and for your soul. A few years ago, a person that I’ll never forget, told something very interesting. And that is: “Change never comes with pleasure. You’ll suffer and you will want to give up, but at the end of the process, you’ll see how well you feel about yourself and you will see how easy it is to socialize and communicate. You’ll give up on this childish habits and see that every problem has an answer.”

How can you fix your problems? I really don’t know. But, all I can do is help you find their cause.

Are you tired of life? Take a seat and let’s talk.

How did you get into this situation? Why did everyone leave you? What is to be done, how do you solve what happened? We’ll continue having questions, but not so many answers. (I’m sorry) Well, let’s answer them one by one. Take it from the end and do a rewind of the situation. Why are you reading this article now? That’s why I’m asking you what triggered your internal conflict. Therefore, think, analyze, and this way you will find the answer. It’s all about knowing where you come from, not at all about the purpose.

I said it once and I’ll do it again: Take my hand and tell me what you feel! – communication is the solution.

If my neighbor from the third floor (my good old friend) said to me that she’s bothered by my damn “satanic” music, why the heck wouldn’t you tell the ones around you what bothers you? Why wouldn’t you tell him what brings you to the state you are? Speak, child, while you still have teeth in your mouth. Nobody is going pry out words out of your mouth, trust me, I know.

You brag about the problems created by yourself.

Did anyone tell you what filth you leave behind after you cry for nothing? I don’t want you to feel attacked. But you’re dramatizing a lot if you read this far. (I caught you) I don’t know how to tell you, but most of the problems you create in your head, are not actually real. You’re overexaggerating and overreacting, when in fact everything is so simple… Take a break, take care of your heart and you will see that, slowly, you will calm yourself and learn to treat everything in a better way.

Are you tired of life? Be the change that you need! And if you need just a little more motivation, check this article!

I don’t wanna retain you any longer, dear reader. If you’re tired of your life, make a heaven of what you have.

Let yourself drown in feelings, but make sure you learn how to swim before. Say what you have to say, make yourself heard and tell your point of view. Take every helping hand that’s waiting for you to cling to, seek answers to questions and find solutions.

The classic and the cliché: you just have to want it, you can do it.

Are you tired of life?


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