Are you human?

Are you human
Are you human

So, what is life?

The simple word, intensely felt… The first step, the first hug, the first kiss… But, what does it mean, being human? Are you human?

It all starts with you and your passion, and, in my opinion, your passion is the essence of your life. Moreover, it represents, through words, life in cold, hard truth.

Moment by moment you evolve. As you evolve, all mankind takes a step forward, too. It’s a small but confident one. Step by step, everything turns into something new, a new beginning, a new place for your soul to wander. Everyone needs something stable in their life. Whether that is a special place, a special someone or just a simple memory… It’s that very thing that keeps you awake and ready to fly… a flight so high and smooth.

Personally, that very thing means a morning in which I see my parents smile, reading a book or a savored coffee. Again, life should not be lived but enjoyed. You’re here today, but who knows what could happen tomorrow… Let us forget about ego, money and the rest!

Let’s be humans, not successful people, just humans…

Indeed, you’re not born a human, you become one. It’s a life’s gift, slowly becoming a human – the human who could change the world!

We all know different kinds of people, no matter if it’s a close one or a random person… We know them, but is that bond real?
It’s not. You could live your whole life with someone and still not know them, besides their really obvious characteristics. Most of the people know how to think, but forget how to feel.

Since our feelings define us, do you feel alive? Do you feel sad? Do you feel happy? When you give someone the cold shoulder, do you feel it?

You feel it, but still, you act that way. Is that normal?
What if they did the same to you… How would it feel?
You’d feel underappreciated, the last man on Earth, and that’s how you start doubting your own strengths, yourself, others, life itself and everything else.

You can destroy someone in a few seconds not physically, but sentimentally… It is said that words can hurt, and they do hurt a lot, indeed. If your heart is aching, you can’t heal that with anything. A painkiller is not enough. Instead, you’ll need many days filled with tears to wash away the fake people in your life, the dead dreams and aspirations, the prejudice and the pain.

That’s why is important to be human, not partially, but all the way!

And, by the way, you take what you give. Also, choose quality over quantity. Few are humans amongst people, you’ll experience it yourself. Time offers you more answers than those you are looking for…

There’s time for everything, but did you save some for your soul?


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Author: Andra Cretu


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