Convinced dog person or cat lover?


Have you ever wondered why some people prefer owning dogs over cats/cats over dogs? I’m here to tell you why: the owner’s preference is, most of the time, based on his or her personality. After making my own research on blogs about pets and based on the cat or dog owners I have met, you’ll find out what pet suits you best (in case you want to get one for yourself!):

You’re a cat person if…

You enjoy quietness and calmness.
You love your personal space and don’t want anyone to invade it.
You’re introverted.
You hate being in crowded places.
You’re a sensitive person.
You’re a non-conformist individual.
You like spending time on your own.
You’re curious about trying new things.
You’re creative.
You worry a lot.
You don’t like being told what to do.
You’d rather read a book or play games than go for a run.

Convinced dog person or cat lover?

You’re a dog person if…

You’re an extrovert.
You can’t stand being alone.
You’re an outgoing person.
You’re energetic.
You’re always somewhere.
You’re confident.
You’re the one telling people what to do.
You’re an active person. Your hobbies are probably sport-related.
You’re optimistic.
You tend to plan things. You’re an organized person.

Convinced dog person or cat lover?

Do you find yourself in both of these categories?
If you do, you probably don’t care about what kind of pet you’d rather own. You can’t choose between the two because you believe that at the end of the day both of these animals are loyal, cute, and affectionate.

Did you know…?
According to various reports and surveys, there are more dog owners than cat owners in the world. It is said that the majority of dog owners wouldn’t own a cat because they are not as obedient as their own pet is. Meanwhile, cat owners are not opposed to the idea of owning a dog. Interesting, isn’t it?


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