Are we still creative?


Are we still creative today? Or has technology taken a perfect hold of us and we have become automatons? The technology was born out of humanity’s wish to make its existence a little easier, out of the deepest pits of creativity and laziness alike. Humanity breastfed technology for at least two decades. Today, some could even declare that we’re in a cold war, and others, in a complicated partnership with it.

When we say technology, what do we refer to exactly?

It’s a very complex term. Technology means everything from the wheel to our mobile phones and their apps. The kitchen robots and trams run using electricity. All are part of technology, one way or another. Studies show that the increased flow of information and the speed at which we receive it can affect us.

Our brain can’t cope with the option of “multitasking” and that’s why kids risk having a reduced attention span and a lesser developed memory. The risk increases with every generation because they grow already adapted to this technology. Of course, if we are going to take one step back to gain a larger perspective, we’ll notice that this isn’t the issue. The issue is, rather, how humanity uses technology.

Anything in large quantities can have negative effects.

At the end of the day, it’s a problem of choice and it’s wrong to refer to a neutral concept as positive or negative. People give meaning to ideas through their actions. The problem of social media resides in the number of pictures posted. They require only a part of our attention and our brain. Because only positive aspects come into the spotlight, completely wrong standards are forming. Furthermore, an idealization of how society should look appears, as well as some conformism. This way we end up with a cultural blockage in terms of creativity.

Those who behave differently are sanctioned.

A profound distrust of imagination forms through excessive attention focus on reasoning. Needless to say, these factors attract other blockages, like emotional ones. Fear of doing wrong, blockages in the individual – group relationships and many others that gather around the individual, subjugating all theirs attempts of creative manifestation.

It’s true that the internet is vast and, as I was explaining above, absolutely everything that happens is a problem of choice and perspective. Now, when humanity isn’t conditioned by the danger of tomorrow anymore, the way of life has improved significantly. We have access to a greater flow of information. This favors the deepening of some domains and, why not, the better development of creativity.

To wrap this up, I think technology tests your will. The question stands… are we still creative today?

It has become the crucial vice of humanity, and if you’re strong enough to see beyond the mist, you could use it to do very creative things. Equally, it offers us hundreds of possibilities and we can profit to the fullest. Everything depends on us and the choices we make, and that applies to any aspect of daily life. With that being said, I suggest you to read an article made by us about passions and vices here!

In order to keep creativity intact or stop its regression, I recommend using the internet in productive ways and savoring books by the shade of a tree. Nourish your soul, and implicitly, your brain, and these two will always serve as your guides.

Author: Ghita Daria


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