Are kids affected by Coronavirus? The authorities of Wuhan provide answers

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Are kids affected by Coronavirus? The authorities of Wuhan provide answers. Coronavirus, the epidemic outbreak in China, in the city of Wuhan, resulted in 80.249 cases of illness and 20.707 victims according to worldometers.Info. However, it seems that Coronavirus did not affect the kids.

The virus managed to cause many controversies and raise a lot of questions, one of them concerning the infection of the kids who, in the vast majority of the cases, are immune.So, are kids affected by Coronavirus?

Although the mortality rate is only 2%, globally, the seniors aged over 80 are the ones with the greatest mortality rate of 15%, however, the mortality among children aged between 0 and 9, is 0%.

The virus also affects the kids but in really extreme cases.

Even though there were cases of children infected with the virus, this thing was happening among newborns too. But there were no deaths among the kids aged between 0 and 9. The symptoms were simple, the infection is easy to treat.

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Wuhan authorities are trying to come up with an answer to these questions and to discover how the virus affects the little ones.

”We don’t fully understand the phenomenon, it could explain by the fact that the immune response of the children is different from the one present at the adults. The immunity response met at the children tends to be more active.”

The partially developed immune system is a great barrier between the virus and the host.

The adult immune system is resistant to certain diseases, such as common colds. Some infections can be treated more easily. Their body is used to these infections because it has specific antibodies that have already developed. In the case of this “new on the market virus”, the adult immune system needs to adapt. The older you are, the harder this process gets.

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The little ones have an immune system that is still in full development, and the antibodies are produced easier. The disease is simpler to treat in children. They have a still undeveloped, innate immune system. The cells of their system respond immediately to infections and external viruses. However, in adults, this process is longer. This is why they are more severely affected by Coronavirus.


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