Are Cane Corso actually the most dangerous breed?

Cane Corso
Cane Corso

Cane Corso are those massive dogs that we would love so much to have around the house. Some say that they are dangerous, aggressive, or even killers. In my case, I strongly disagree with this idea.

The history of Cane Corso is extremely interesting. The breed first appeared in Italy, known for being an excellent guardian of the flocks, but mostly for their ability to hunt boars, wolves or stags. Even now, if you like going to hunt, a Cane Corso dog will be the best partner “in crimes” that you will ever have.

Cane Corso Puppy

Imposing dogs with a strong personality, they are the last mastiffs and the descendants of Canis Pugnax, which were the dogs used by Romans in wars.
If you already fell in love with this breed and you are thinking about adopting a puppy, here are some things you would like to know about them:

The puppies are just adorable!

Well, they may (or, for sure…) ruin all of your shoes. Like, all of them. They may like to make a mess out of the house more than other dogs would, and play with the most strange things to play with. But then, look at their eyes and their head down like they want to apologize: „ I’m sorry I was bad today, I love you. Forgive me? Woof Woof!” Could you still be mad?

They will protect you and your home better than anyone else.

Either you like to go out for a night walk and you are afraid of thieves or aggressors, or you want to go on a trip with your family a couple of days and need to keep your house safe, Cane Corso would do the best job. They are drawn from the first people fighting dogs, so their security instincts are very strong and advanced.

Cane Corso

And they won’t let any person that they consider it to be an enemy to get near you, and if a thief, somehow, still gets in your house while you are away… well, let’s just say that he won’t be allowed to leave the house with the goods he stole until you come home.

Cane Corso are very loving and caring instead of dangerous.

Protective is no synonym with danger. So, they may be scary for strangers, but they’ll never be aggressive with the family members – even the kids – if you make sure they feel loved. Although they were trained to be hunting and security dogs, they are very devoted to their family. They can indeed get very jealous, but they won’t ever hurt you. Yes, they may bark to let you know that they need you, or even cry when you leave the house without them. But, remember that they will always be by your side if you cry or have a bad day – they can feel it, so they will try to comfort you every time they think you need it.

Cane Corso are very playful and always happy to see you, but when they grow up, they are very calm.

They will always welcome you home with joy, a hug, and some friendly barks. They will always come if you call them and never refuse a playtime. But, if they see that you are busy with something important, they will try not to bother you, leaving you space to work as they will choose to have some time alone, either to play with their toys, take a nap or just relax in the backyard.

Cane Corso

You’ll never have too much work to do with their fur.
Their fur falls and changes in average one or two times per year, so after you brush them when that happens, you’ll be done with falling fur over the house.

An interesting thing is that they hate the dirt!
They will never walk into a pond or roll in the mud – they just hate it. They are very careful with their hygiene themselves, so you will never have the unpleasant surprise to see them covered in dirt after their playtime outside the house.

Cane Corso

Just like humans, they hate being alone…

As big and scary as they seem at first, they will search for closure with any occasion. They hate being left alone, although they will understand if you are a busy person and you have little time to spend with them – they will make the best of it, or… they will choose to rest a bit, as you couldn’t sleep while you were away from them last night. That much they love you.

Cane Corso are the perfect partners for jogging!

If you love going on a run in the morning, your Cane Corso dog will for sure love it too. They are known for long-running sessions with their masters, especially that to take good care of them. You need to walk them daily or to let them make some sport in your backyard.

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