Anxiety: 4 ways to handle it better

Anxiety: 4 ways to handle it better

Going through anxiety changes the entire way you live your life. I’ve been going through anxiety for the past 11 months and I can assure you that everything gets better with time, but you have to let yourself actually experience it. The longer you deny it, the worse will be to get over it. In the first months, it was hard for me to keep up with all my activities and I truly needed help, both from myself and from others. So these are 4 things I believe you can do to make this whole process easier.

  1. Offer yourself all the self-love that you need

Experiencing anxiety can require much more self-love than usual and you should focus on giving it to you. But you should take into consideration that it depends on every single person how they want to receive it. It can come in all kinds of forms. You can put on a face mask and do your skin-care routine, you can write and plan in your bullet journal, you can paint, you can read, you can listen to music, you can play video games, you can go to a party, it is really up to you.

Each and every single form of self-love is beautiful and if it helps you, you have no need to avoid it. In hard times, you should really focus on yourself and try to discover yourself more. We are in a state of continuous change and if we don’t allow ourselves to discover every new piece of us, we will never be able to help ourselves cope with anxiety.

  1. Let yourself feel sad

One of the hardest things to do for me was to let me acknowledge that what I go through is valid and true. In the first 3 months, I denied all of my symptoms and I blamed myself for everything. But there was in fact nothing wrong with me, I just had a lot of unhealed feelings that stressed me up to the point when I started having symptoms of anxiety.

To actually cope better with anxiety, I had to let myself feel sad. If I repressed all the feelings of sadness, fear, concern, agitation, and frustration, I wouldn’t make myself feel better, because those feelings were still there, but were just ignored by me. Otherwise, when I let myself feel like this, I would eventually feel better and calmer.

  1. Find the help you require

When it comes to help regarding anxiety, there are multiple options you may consider. But don’t forget that everything depends on yourself, some of them might help you, and some not.

You can ask your friends for help. If you are in a warm and understanding group of people, they can actually help you in some ways. If you don’t feel comfortable in some places, they will avoid them. If you feel the need to just stay indoors, they might come and stay with you so you don’t get lonely. If you don’t want to talk too much, they will never let the quietness be awkward. And these are only some of the ways in which they can help you, but you may discover a lot more of them.

A second way you can seek help is by helping yourself with vitamins and tea that will make you calmer. There are various types of teas and of complexes of vitamins that you will find on the internet, but it is up to you which one would work better for you.

Furthermore, there is always the possibility to receive help from a therapist. I personally think that once you find a therapist that is good for you, this becomes the best solution to cope with your anxiety. But you have to take into account that this process is not an easy one and it might take some time to overcome it, but I know it is for sure worth waiting.

  1. Understand your anxiety symptoms

One final way to handle in a simpler way your anxiety is to understand your symptoms. Each of them might come from a different stressful feeling. It took me some time to finally understand my symptoms, but when I did, everything was more manageable.

What I know now is that when I cry I feel insecure, when I feel nauseous I overthink about things from the past, when I have a panic attack is because my social anxiety sets in, when I feel dizzy is because I stress too much about my family, when I feel my heart is trembling is because I overthink too much about present stuff that is going on. All of these helped me understand not only my symptoms but also how to cope with each of them.


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