Another kind of beginning


How are you? Do you remember the beginning? How many evil and good mouths whisper to you how to stop being who you truly are. You have moments when you want to give up on everything. And I know your feeling! On their lips, I see lilies and thorns… I let myself float, nonetheless, like a red petal in the wind of the scarlet autumn. In my heart there is a continuous hell, I learned to love myself and surpass my limits. And after all this adventure, it’s hella great!

My dresses made from feelings are waving. I’m like a ray that most want to hug.

And yes, I’ve been banished, eccentric, exuberant, merciless, but at peace with my soul and without frustrations. This world lives in ignorance, it’s a trap, but they forget how it is to feel. They forget how to enjoy a new beginning. We’ve all forgotten to live the moments of primordial love, to offer yourself when that moment comes… I too am the pain and yet the mystery in everyone’s mind. Therefore, both evil and loving. Maybe even a thorn in one’s side! Don’t hate me, you, boy, for what we could have been. Let your mind so free and sincerely gaze at how love sighs us. Don’t judge my lack of prejudice and liveliness in my eyes…

To be attractive is not an easy feat. You need to know how to dance with the beauty of your own ego; do it well, and consequently, you’ll get a dose of carelessness.

Ego’s bring death around sincere men. They don’t hate me infernally, they love me with all their force, they avoid spreading uncertainty and avoid lying. That’s how they are, seeing from another perspective. I understood the silence of being a woman and what’s important is that nobody would be able to tame me from now on. I also live in the superlative!

People refuse to live, just give them a chance. Okay? And you, dear girl, let yourself bloom. Because feelings and talking sell easily at the nearest corner. Beauty without love is dry. Likewise, nature without love is empty. You should be the essence that fills the void of this world. Have you ever understood what happens in love? Can a woman live only with touches? Maybe madness is even bigger than you’d have thought! For a long time, I thought that I’m a disease to them, a part of their souls that had the power to destroy them. And? We have the power of choosing.

How about you, boy? Do you still know how it is to be happy? Then don’t deepen yourself in something you know won’t work. Open your eyes and play another hand of cards. Open your wings to the one that deserves your efforts.

About me…

The thoughts I carry are the ones that save me, but they’re also unforgiving. Yes, this is how I’ve called my instincts! My salvation…I let it define me entirely.

Aren’t you tired of dirty looks and deception? Lie to yourself! You can’t live otherwise. Without trust, I wouldn’t have a point of existing, my emotion would crush my life. And with it, the people I would have hypnotized with my smile. In the smallest things, that’s where you can find what we call hope. In addition, I’d say I’m friendly. I’m the feminine voice that you can rest to, in the end. I represent the ounce of liberty in a sea of dangers. For this reason, they label me as smug and annoying. To think that arrogance and introversion are synonymous is a grave confusion.

If you want to know more about the differences in introversion or extroversion, then you should check this article!

Where do people get their love? From the memories, yeah, from their lost film! I was afraid not to fall in love with the thoughts about him. Once they ended, I changed the Muse.

I hum and I admit, I’m cunning! It’s impossible for me not to walk, dear, towards every image with us. You tie my illusions strongly to something I couldn’t possibly think could be anchored. You have no idea how wretched I am regarding these things. Dangerous, is it not? To press all those thoughts against an infinite wall, to not be able to see the reality because of this dark cloud. Just wait for the storm to pass!

Author: -Isabel


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