Annoying makeup mistakes we definitely made at 15

Annoying makeup mistakes we definitely made at 15
Most of the people I know claim to have started using makeup when they were about 15. It is when we all started making mistakes. This is proof of peer pressure. When you get to high school you start being aware of your looks and your desire to look your best. It often leads to numerous changes in the way you dress, act, your hair color, and most importantly in the way your face looks.
The false impression that they have to be flawless deters teenagers from being their true selves. This is how most of us start using makeup as a way of disguising the features we dislike or which make us vulnerable. What we don’t realize at such a young age, is the huge amount of makeup mistakes we make.

1. No sunscreen

Annoying makeup mistakes we definitely made at 15

Applying foundation on unprepared skin is, in my opinion, the worst makeup mistake you could make, as it doesn’t only look bad, but it also harms the skin. To look fresh and effortless, the foundation needs at least a moisturizer as a base. Whether it is sunny outside or not, you must wear sun protection underneath the makeup as well. The worst thing that can happen to your skin is being sunburnt. The sun causes drastic changes in the skin, like spots, freckles, and wrinkles, which can all be avoided by using sunscreen.

2. Too much setting powder

Annoying makeup mistakes we definitely made at 15

After probably choosing the wrong foundation shade and using far too much of it, I used to set my face using so much powder that my bathroom would become all dusty. I still regret this makeup mistake and I don’t think I’ll ever forgive myself for making it! One of the biggest causes of acne is clogged pores, and my powder perfectly achieved that.

3. Light pink blush

Annoying makeup mistakes we definitely made at 15

This is more of a personal opinion, but it’s a strong one. I used to own a very lightly-tinted pink blush that I would use every day. Because we were so inexperienced in choosing the right foundation shade, we all used one that was too dark for our skin tone. Topping that with a pink blush is a recipe for disaster as it would sit on our cheeks instead of blending in, definitely not matching with anything.

4. Not blending

Annoying makeup mistakes we definitely made at 15

I remember this one a little too well! It’s a makeup mistake most people are still making, but it’s very noticeable. Not blending your foundation, blush, bronzer or eye shadow can lead to a rough makeup look that none of us like. The edges of my shadow were never blended and I can see that when looking back at pictures. If you didn’t blend your blush, you risked looking like a clown, and most of us even did.

5. Curling lashes with mascara on

Annoying makeup mistakes we definitely made at 15

I am very guilty of this one and I can’t figure out why, as I have long lashes. People used to tell me that I would ruin them by curling them with a lash curler, while my mascara was on! You can’t tell me you’ve never made this makeup mistake before. Most of my friends have, and we always laugh about it when we see old photos of ourselves. We made a promise that we would never touch an eyelash curler again!

No matter when you made these mistakes, make sure you learned your lesson and you realize that less is more.

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